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Texas Tech Receives 16th and 17th Football Commitments

Texas Tech Recruiting:

The news made the rounds yesterday that Texas Tech received their #16 and #17 commitments from Kerry Hyder, a 6'3"/246 defensive end and linebacker from LBJ High School in Austin, Texas, and Yahshua Williams, a 6'3"/184 defensive back from Ryan High School in Denton, Texas.

You'll note in the left sidebar that I've already added Hyder and Williams (names are in alphabetical order) as well as links to their Rivals, Scout and ESPN profiles. If you're not a member of either Rivals or Scout, the ESPN profiles have some good write-ups on each of these players, the information is pulled from Scout, and best of all, it's free. If you haven't taken the time to read the profiles, take a gander.

Here's a quick blurb from ESPN on Hyder (also, make sure and click the link as there's some video):

Hyder is tough, imposing and physical. He has the prototype frame of a Division I inside linebacker. He's tall, thickly built and exceedingly strong and powerful. Carries his bulk well, and could add more weight while retaining his quickness and speed. Fills hard at the point of attack, with adequate-to-good pad level and good power through his hips. Plays with square shoulder pads and rarely gets turned out of his gap.

And from ESPN on Williams:

Williams is a very athletic defensive back that can play safety or corner. The only thing that would keep him from being a corner at the next level is the lack of pure speed. He has tremendous size, especially height and is an intimidating force in the secondary. Can play both zone and man to man with equal skill level.

I also found some video of Williams' Denton Ryan team, but haven't had the chance to watch it.

Welcome Kerry and Yahshua to Texas Tech, and Git Your Guns Up!!