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Texas Tech Saturday Morning Notes - UMass Gameday Edition

Double-T Nation News:

Finally, after what was a very long week for me, the weekend is here and we have a game, albeit a game that I think fans, for the most part, are completely indifferent. I have to wonder if the team feels the same way or if Texas Tech will come out with more intensity and just jump on UMass early and often.

Let's get to the links.

Texas Tech Football:

We'll start off with a sobering and human story from the LAJ on UMass quarterback, Liam Coen, whose mother committed suicide at the all too young age of 46. I'm not going to blockquote anything, it's a good read. Certainly puts life in perspective, individuals like Coen and Rylan Reed. There's no doubt that now I'm cheering for the guy.

Onto the game.

The LAJ's Don Williams on the coaching staff looking for improvement in the last non-conference game:

There’s a confidence from within that the Raiders will get over the uncharacteristic 41-percent passing that plagued quarterback Graham Harrell two weeks ago and the eight dropped passes that irked Leach last week.

"They’ll go out and do a great job of fixing things, and we all trust them to do that," guard Brandon Carter said.

Tech defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill listened to Leach blister the Raiders’ receivers for lackadaisical play in last week’s 43-7 win over SMU, then offered: "Coach is fired up, but they’ll get it done."

Tremendous story from LAJ's Don Williams on Ruffin McNeill, Jr. and the connection with his father, Ruffin McNeill, Sr., and the other influences in the defensive coordinator's life. No blockquotes, just go read.

LAJ's previews:

Link Dump: ESPN Big 12 Blogger Tim Griffin on what to look for this weekend . . . SAEN previews this weekend's Big 12 games . . . FWST previews this weekend's Big 12 games . . . RaiderAde will be in the pressbox live blogging tonight's game . . .