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Online Broadcast of Texas Tech v. Nevada

I was contacted by Trey of JumpTV and he let wanted to let me and the rest of you know that the Texas Tech v. Nevada game will be televised online. First things first. I'm not making a dime off of this, so I've got no motivation one way or another. I just wanted to present an available option to actually watch the game rather than listening on the radio. In the interest of trying to help you guys out if this is something that you want to purchase I've already clarified with Trey a few things:

  • Right now you have to sign up for the monthly fee, which you can terminate after Saturday's game, but he's looking into a pay-per-view option.
  • Having a pay-per-view option would eliminate the need to cance the service after the game, which would be nice so that your credit card doesn't get billed if you forget to cancel the service.
  • If the monthly fee is the only option, Trey said that canceling the service will be a simple process and all it will take is an email.
  • I asked about the stream quality and he said that it's held up for teams like Oregon, Oregon State and Alabama.

If you have any other questions that you'd like for me to ask Trey, please leave a comment and I'll email him tomorrow.

Either way, I'm probably going to pay for it since it's a little cheaper than a flight to Reno.

Wreck 'Em!