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Texas Tech Thursday Morning Notes - Hustle and Instinct Edition

Double-T Nation News:

So I've gotten a couple of emails about why the game isn't going to be online like the Nevada game and I don't have a reason. In today's fast-paced world I've always thought that lots of access is good and limited access is bad.

You have two options to listen to the radio if you're a Texas Tech fan, which is to find a radio station and hope like hell it doesn't crap out after the sun sets or pay for the audio feed from the university. Meanwhile, UMass has a free internet audio feed for all of their major sports (football, lacrosse, basketball and hockey) and coaches shows on 100.9, with Josh Maurer doing the play-by-play. Shout-out to Josh because I would imagine that the out of town Texas Tech fans will be listening to your feed on Saturday night.

So my question is why is it that UMass can give their fans a free internet radio feed, while Texas Tech can't?

I also can't explain why there isn't a video feed option like with the Nevada game. People will pay for these feeds and most people I know want the ability to watch the game as it happens, not necessarily a replay. Granted, the Red Raider Replay is a nice option, but most fans, I think, would prefer to watch it live. From the response that I've received, it's frustrating for fans who want to watch the game, but are told that they can't.

I'm sure there are contractual obligations that keep Texas Tech from doing some of this, but the technical and legal aspect doesn't make me feel any better about the situation and I don't think it makes fans of Texas Tech feel any better about it either.

DTN's Top Four:

  1. The BlogPoll is released and Texas Tech moves up 2 spots to #12 and make sure and check out Rocky Top Talk's Animated BlogPoll complete with Barry Manilow.
  2. Tremendous interview by Corn Nation of former Nebraska defensive tackle Jason Peter.
  3. I don't have an iPhone, but if I did, I'm pretty sure I'd be buying iGolf.
  4. BC's BRAGGonUT makes a case that the Big 12 is the best conference in college football, but don't pay attention to last night.

Texas Tech Football:

I'm not sure how I missed this earlier in the week, but according to the LAJ's Don Williams defensive tackle David Neill will be making a position change to the offensive line. Here's the blurb from that article:

Redshirt freshman David Neill, who was stuck behind a number of veterans at defensive tackle, moved to the offensive line last week.

He'll train at right guard for now, but could wind up at either right guard or right tackle, line coach Matt Moore said.

"He's a big, tall, long-armed strong guy with good feet,'' Moore said. "He's really smart, and I wanted him. I've been wanting him for a while.''

Neill changed uniform numbers, from No. 95 to the No. 79 he wore Saturday.

"You try to make the pieces fit somewhere,'' Moore said. "We're hoping that's the right move to get him where he can help us.''

This makes absolutely no sense to me. Right now, in front of Neill at defensive line you have freshmen Joey Fowler and Chris Perry, sophomore Colby Whitlock, and juniors Rajon Henley and Richard Jones. You also have Sesay, who is playing both tackle and end. At offensive line, there are so many players ahead of Neill right now, but of the 17 offensive linemen on the team, only Louis Vasquez, Rylan Reed and Jake Johnson are seniors. That's 14 players who are ahead of Neill right now.

I don't get this move, defensive tackles are much harder to come by than offensive linemen and Neill was going to get his time at defensive tackle starting his junior season, once Henley, Jones and Sesay graduated, so he'd have to wait another year before getting any real time, but then he would be part of a rotation of Whitlock, Perry and Fowler.

I'm still shaking my head about this one.

In today's LAJ, the feature is on the talented defensive backs from UMass. Meanwhile, in the Red Raiders Football Notebook, inside receivers coach Lincoln Riley said that the dropped passes last week were a result of bad route running:

"He moved over just a shade to the inside when he shouldn’t have," Riley said, "and if he wouldn’t have the ball would have been right here instead of being a tougher catch out here where he had to jump for it. Just that little precision, just those little things if we clean up, I think we have three or four less drops because of technique."

There's also an update on special teams and who is excelling on the coverage units, and it's no surprise that Taylor Charbonnet is leading the way with Lance Fuller and Daniel Charbonnet close behind. There's a point system that Captain Leach has devised to give credit to guys for making plays and taking away points for a penalty or missed block.

FWST's Jimmy Burch rounds up the Big 12, including a dozen Big 12 players are making a name for themselves, but remembers well when Captain Leach was criticized for bringing unknown safety Daniel Charbonnet:

Daniel Charbonnet, Texas Tech: A senior safety who began his college career at Duke, Charbonnet had three of his league-high four interceptions in last week’s 43-7 victory against SMU.

DMN's Brandon George also features Daniel Charbonnet and his travels from Duke to Texas Tech and his play thus far:

"He's just in the right spot at the right time," starting senior free safety Darcel McBath said. "He's always doing his job. You don't have to worry about him."

Tech defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill said Charbonnet is able to put himself in position for big plays because of "hustle and instinct."

"I don't think you can coach those two things," McNeill said. "Some players just have that knack, and he's one of those."

McNeill also said that Charbonnet is not only smart off the field but on it, and that allows the coach to make adjustments through him while the game is still going on.

DT's Alex Ybarra focuses on UMass quarterback Liam Coen.

Texas Tech Baseball:

Head baseball coach Dan Spencer talks about the fall workouts and is excited about the season opening:

"It’s exciting," said Spencer, who takes over the program after the retirement of Hays in July after 22 seasons at Tech. "I’m a little out of my element doing a lot of different stuff and I’ve had to get my arm in shape throwing batting practice every day and working with hitters. I was very impressed with the way the older guys … all came back noticeably stronger and in better shape. Then the younger guys outside of two came in in good shape, so we’ve been able to get a lot done in the small groups. "