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Texas Tech Thursday Morning Notes - Never Been Short Edition

Double-T Nation News:

Today is September 11th and this isn't a political blog, so I'll just say please think a good thought for those who were connected in the tragedy of September 11, 2001.

The BlogPoll was released yesterday and Texas Tech dropped 1 spot. Votes by blog and votes by team.  I forgot to change my vote (too much personal crap), but I still thought it was solid.

DTN's Top Three:

  1. FWST's Jimmy Burch rounds up the Big 12 and looks at this week's games.
  2. Rush the Court asks if Nebraska is heading into dangerous waters with the basketball program and recruiting.
  3., an NFL fantasy football blog, with the idea that it takes more than a season to fix an NFL rushing defense.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams writes that L.A. Reed may return to practice after an ankle injury during fall practice as Ruffin McNeill said both Reed and Brent Nickerson looked good in practice:

"Brent and L.A. both looked pretty good today," defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill said after Wednesday’s practice. "We’ll watch film and see how the progress was. L.A. moved around really good. So did Brent. We’ve got some competition."

Offensive line coach Matt Moore said that Brandon Carter has had the best game of the offensive line thus far:

"Brandon Carter by far has had the best two games (among the offensive linemen) with Marlon Winn being second, (Stephen) Hamby third," Moore said. "I can’t say enough about Carter. That kid’s tough. He never misses anything. He plays through injury. He’s so big, and he doesn’t even want to come out. He’s 350 pounds. That sucker doesn’t miss a snap, and he’s full speed every snap."

BC's dedfischer tiers the Texas Tech defenders, yes, that's right, I said tiers and I used it as a verb. I don't think I can argue with a thing, excellent work.

DT's Alex Ybarra has a story on kicker Donnie Carona and the early season mishaps may not be all his fault. Special teams coach Clay McGuire:

"It's been a combination of both," McGuire said. "We had protection break downs. It's been operation times, and it's been trajectory. All three things have been a problem, and we're trying to get all three things fixed."

Also, it appears that Carona may continue to be the guy as Captain Leach has told Carona to kick every field goal like it was an extra point:

For constructive purposes, Leach said he tells Carona to kick everything like an extra point because of how the ball clears the goal post with ease.

"He's never been short on anything and not even close to short," Leach said. "At least on his side of the 50, everything's an extra point because it's going to go plenty far enough."

The LAJ also has a piece on how the SMU faithful are hoping that June Jones can raise up this program.

Neglected Video:  KAMC 28 with an informative interview with running backs coach Seth Littrell . . . DT with getting to know Bennie Wylie (did you know he owns 60 to 70 pairs of sunglasses) . . . Fox 34 a look at June Jones, and Captain Leach likes him . . .