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Texas Tech Monday Morning Notes - We'll Always Have Some Penalties Edition

Double-T Nation News:

There's a new poll to your left, below the countdown clock and right now, Texas Tech is sitting at a 9.5 point favorite. Make sure and vote.

I've got some thoughts about the game that I'm still thinking about and hope to get down on DTN today or tomorrow, but I'm not as upset about the EWU win as I was on Sunday morning.

Enjoy your Labor Day.

Texas Tech Football:

The LAJ says that the Red Raiders are not happy with their first week's play and receiver Detron Lewis says that the Captain believes more respect needs to go to their opponent:

"He preached about us not respecting Eastern Washington as much as we should’ve," Lewis said. "I think honestly they played harder than we did. We just underestimated them a lot, because we didn’t respect them at all, and he preached about us respecting other teams."

I don't think there's any doubt that Captain Leach appreciated the way EWU never gave up, he's been saying that since Saturday and I'm glad he's told his players.

Leach has also addressed the penalty issue:

"There is this about it - and I’m not happy with our situation with them at all - but there is this about it: There’s an awful lot of very bad teams that don’t get penalized very much at all," Leach said. "The reason is they don’t push the envelope enough to make enough happen that they’re ever in harm’s way. … We’ll always have some penalties. If you don’t, you’ve got to stoke (players) up.

"The other thing with us - and last night wasn’t an example of this - we have a lot of penalties, but so do our opponents. So if the differential’s not too high, I don’t worry too much about that."

I'm not sure I've ever thought about penalties that way, and I guess what Leach is saying is that penalties are only bad if a team has a significant amount more relative to your opponent? I'm not sure I buy this in the very least and I hope he's telling his team differently in public.

Miscellaneous: The LAJ compiled a number of quotes from after the game, I don't think there's anything there that you haven't already read . . . FWST's Chuck Carlton rounds out the Big 12 . . . BON runs down the Big 12 (DTN's is to come later this morning) . . .

Neglected Video: Fox34 checks in with Robert Giovannetti and Chris Level for their post-game comments and Fox34 also has post-game press conference footage . . . KAMC28 looks at Saturday's game . . .