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Around The Big 12: Week 1

Baylor struggled mightily against Wake Forest (boxscore), which doesn't surprise me too much as I think Wake is a pretty good football team, in a particularly weak conference. Meanwhile, Briles is going to struggle for a couple of years to get things to where he wants them. I'm concerned that Baylor is one of those places where you just can't win. Up Next: Northwestern State (1-0).

Colorado handled an okay Colorado State team (boxscore), although the offense was pretty stagnant through most of the first half. D. Scott wasn't as great as I thought he might be, but such is the life of a true freshman. Up Next: Eastern Washington (0-1).

I like seeing the Cyclones do well, I know, that's strange, perhaps it's because I like their uniforms so much. In any event the Cyclones destroyed South Dakota State (boxscore). SDS isn't a good team, so I wouldn't celebrate much, but it's a win. What worked for ISU was 5 interceptions, which created a lot of opportunities. Up Next: Kent State.

The Jayhawks beat the Golden Panthers of Florida International (boxscore) and they did it with pretty good offense but an excellent defense. Former Texas Tech commit, Jacques Crawford rushed for a TD, but it was the Kansas defense that stepped up, holding FIU to 139 yards total. Up Next: Louisiana Tech (1-0).

I don't believe in the Mean Green, at least not while they're getting blasted by Kansas State (boxscore). Freeman was quietly effective, but the story of the day was that the Wildcats held North Texas to 205 total yards. Again, like you can say with just about every team, "but it was ____" still applies. Up Next: Montana State (1-0).

The most impressive win of the week. Good on Mizzou. The only team to play a ranked team of any of the Big 12 members and although I now have some serious questions about Mizzou's defense, the Tigers handled the Illini by 10 (boxscore). Maclin was special returning kicks and Daniel was pretty good, especially with Coffman. I am worried about the 42 points, and the Illini are a talented offensive team, I just wasn't expecting that. Up Next: SE Missouri State (1-0).

I'm wondering if Nebraska fans aren't feeling the same way as Texas Tech fans are. The Cornhuskers had a nice win against Western Michigan, but I think it's safe to say that they were expecting a little bit more (boxscore). The Huskers gave up 342 yards in the air, which may be a bad omen for a pass-happy Big 12 slate. Up Next: San Jose St. (1-0)

Domination. Oklahoma just unloaded on a really bad Chattanooga team, although I understand that OU scheduled this team, much like TT scheduled EWU, an opponent dropped out relatively late. The Sooners only gave up a safety (boxscore). The OU defense gave up 36 yards . . . for the game. Dang. Up Next: Cincinnati (1-0).

I think it's safe to say that Washington State is the Baylor of the Big 12 and the new WSU coach has his work cut out. Good work to Oklahoma State for getting a win on the road (boxscore). Dez Bryant had 90 yards receiving, and just think, he could have been suited next to Crabtree. Up Next: Houston (1-0).

Colt McCoy was near perfect for the night for the Longhorns against Florida Atlantic (boxscore), but it was Lamaar Houston who ruined an otherwise nice with with an arrest. In any even, I was surprised to see that McCoy let his team in rushing, as I was probably expecting a little bit more from the UT running backs. Up Next: UTEP (0-1).

I'm not real sure what to say here. On one hand, I feel bad for the Aggies. My Dad, an Aggie, talked to one of his old college mates who was at the game and was told that he's never seen such a bad football team. This is a guy who's been going to A&M games since 1969. If you haven't heard, TAMU lost to the Arkansas State Red Wolves (boxscore). Up Next: New Mexico (0-1).