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Texas Tech Saturday Morning Notes - Not So Fast My Friend Edition

Double-T Nation News:

For those of you who utilize RSS feed readers, the new now has an RSS feed.

Texas Tech Football:

Not so fast my friend. According to the LAJ's Don Williams, there's a chance that McKinner Dixon may be eligible. Here's Captain Leach on Dixon:

"He’s in the gray area, but he’s not definitely ineligible as we speak," Tech coach Mike Leach said Friday afternoon. "Thought he was (going to be ineligible) yesterday. Today we discover he’s not."

On Thursday night, Leach said it appeared Dixon was going to be ineligible, pending the possibility of going through an appeals process. More review of Dixon’s transcript on Friday, Leach said, showed that a class that had not previously been counted toward his being eligible might be countable.

"He’s still alive, and the reason he is, there’s a chance they may not have to do an appeal," Leach said. "Long story short, he may be OK."

If you read the entire article you get the sense that Leach isn't just only miffed at this grade situation, but he also sounds disappointed in Dixon's on-the-field performance thus far.

The other JUCO defensive end, Brandon Sesay, seems to be doing just fine:

"That’s what I’m here for," he said. "I really appreciate everything everybody’s saying, but at the same time I’m very humble. I always have to work hard. I’ve got work hard, hard, hard, and that’s what I want to do. I want to please the fans. I want to please the people in Lubbock. I want to please everybody around here, and let them know that I’m here and I’m a Red Raider for life."

The 6-foot-6 Sesay said he got up to 295 pounds before trimming back to his current 278. Sesay said he used Tech strength and conditioning coach Bennie Wylie’s workout program this summer so he doesn’t think his conditioning is an issue.

"Practice is a breeze to me," he said. "Not saying we don’t go hard, but all of us are physically fit. We’ve all been working out together as one, and I feel really good on the field."

Can we all please say a prayer to Baby Jesus or your deity of choice and ask that Brandon Sesay be a beast?

In William's Red Raiders Football Notebook, the guys are having a bit of fun:

As they were leaving the field after practice, defensive linemen Brandon Williams, Ra’Jon Henley and Daniel Howard sneaked up on quarterback Graham Harrell from behind and made a playful show of beating him up.

In a scene out of pro wrestling, backup quarterback Taylor Potts, came running out of the dressing room - or from the other end of the field, anyway - to disperse the dirty defensive linemen who were ganging up on his buddy.

#22 in Texas Tech's Countdown to Kickoff features freshman safety Cody Davis:

What is the last book you read, besides a text book? "Beowulf"

What is your favorite old television show? Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

What is one interesting pregame ritual or routine you do? I dance

Are you getting old if an "old television show" is Fresh Prince and not Sanford and Sons or Mash or Hogan's Heroes?

Neglected Fox34 videos: former Red Raider Jarrett Hicks on Michael Crabtree and the starting runningback is up for grabs.

Texas Tech Baseball:

Nice article by's Robert Giovannetti on incoming pitcher Colton Farrar, who was drafted in the 32nd round of the MLB draft, but wants to play for Texas Tech. This quote makes me believe that Dan Spencer is the right man for the job:

"Coach Spencer (Tech coach Dan) is the reason I want to play at Tech," he said. "He's great with pitchers and he's got the proven success at Oregon State."


Farrar is excited about playing for Spencer as well. "He's just so honest and genuine," Farrar said. "You know a lot of coaches tell you a lot of things but with Coach Spencer you just feel he's being truthful with you. He's got a presence about him and I'm really looking forward to playing there."

And Spencer on Farrar:

"Colton has a live arm and he has a chance to work his way into our weekend rotation," Spencer said. "It was important to us to get him here to Lubbock; he's going to be an important part of our program."