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Whatcha Think About: Texas

ESPN Big 12 Blogger released his Big 12 Power Rankings and he's got Texas Tech at #3, but I'd much rather hear what you guys think about Texas.

I know that the offense is going to be good (UT's offensive line is solid and underrated, much like Texas Tech's), but lots of folks are wondering if Colt will regain his freshman form and how much time will Chiles get at quarterback (I'm having running quarterback flashbacks from OSU and Zach Robinson last year and Missouri and Brad Smith a few years ago). Does Texas have a great running back ready to be the guy? Does Texas have a big-play receiver ready to step up or are Shipley and Cosby enough?

Does Muschamp have an immediate effect on this Texas defense?  I know that the Texas secondary is pretty young and in today's Big 12, that may be a problem, especially early.

I don't think that any of us doubt that the talent is there, but it just seems there's quite a few questions for the Longhorns than in previous years.  How good will the Longhorns be this year and most importantly, whatcha think about Texas?