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New Texas Tech Football Commit: Joel Gray

I wanted to give the same attention on the blog to Joel Gray that I did to Bullitt last night. That's right, Joel Gray, a 6-6/288 offensive lineman from Lewisville (Hebron) committed last night. Gray is a Rivals 3-star prospect and a Scout 4-star prospect. RaiderPower's Mark Sparrow has the news on Gray's commitment (free story):

According to’s rankings, Gray is the highest ranked 2009 Red Raider commitment to date. He is the 18th ranked offensive tackle in the country and the 30th best prospect in the state of Texas.

"I’ve just been thinking a lot lately and talking to a lot of people, and really I just felt like Texas Tech was the right place for me right now. When I was there visited this summer, I felt like I was at home. That was the biggest thing to me- feeling at home with the program."

This is tremendous news and as Sparrow mentioned above, he's the 18th ranked offensive tackle in the country . . . so awesome. I couldn't locate any video, but much thanks to RP for the free article.

Welcome Joel, and GIT YOUR GUNS UP!!