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New Texas Tech Football Commit: Terrence Bullitt

Good news, Terrence Bullitt has committed to your Red Raiders and this is excellent news. Bullitt is a 6-3/181 safety from Naaman Forest (not far from where I live) is ranked by both Scout and Rivals as a 3-star prospect. There's not much out there as far as news is concerned on Bullit, except this recent piece on regarding Bullitt's recent process of narrowing his choice of schools down to Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and Notre Dame, having this to say about Texas Tech:

"I've been thinking about committing before the season," Bullitt said. "I'd say it's like a 99.9 percent chance I'll commit somewhere before the end of August."

And there's also a good chance that the school Bullitt picks will be Texas Tech. "Yeah they are my top choice," he admitted. "Right now they definitely have the advantage."

The Red Raiders are one of the few schools that Bullitt has visited and attended their camp this summer (but didn't participate). "It's a great program," he said. "Everything there is real nice. The campus is great and I love the dorms. They are all brand new.

"Plus, the coaches said that they are graduating like six safeties this year and I'd probably be able to play early," he said.

I couldn't find any videos or other news articles, so this is going to have to be it.

Welcome to Texas Tech Terrence, and GIT YOUR GUNS UP!!