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Pre-Fall Practice Texas Tech Depth Chart

This is LAJ's Don Williams pre-fall practice depth chart in what I think is a more readable format. Enjoy and please feel free to add your own thoughts.

Offensive Line

Left Tackle Left Guard Center Right Guard Right Tackle
Rylan Reed; 6-7/305; SR Louis Vasquez; 6-6/335; SR Stephen Hamby; 6-3/292; JR Brandon Carter; 6-7;354; JR Marlon Winn; 6-6/325; JR
Mickey Okafor; 6-7/326; RS FR Justin Keown; 6-4/290; SO Shawn Byrnes; 6-4/295; JR Jake Johnson; 6-7/370; SR Chris Olson; 6-5/285; SO
Omar Castillo; 6-6/282; FR Lonnie Edwards; 6-5/288; FR Blake Emert; 6-4/280; RS FR Landon Burge; 6-3/286; SO Joe King; 6-6/324; FR
Terry McDaniel; 6-7/330; FR Deveric Gallington; 6-4/347; FR - Deveric Gallington; 6-4/347; FR Dominique Delpeche; 6-6/363; RS FR
Adrian Archie/INJ; 6-5/315; SO - - - Jonathann Guerra; 6-3/265; FR

Thoughts: Justin Keown got reps at center last year and now he's been moved to left guard and I wonder if Lonnie Edwards, who was highly recruited, is going to overtake his spot next year . . . Jake Johnson, who played and started a few games last year at right tackle has now been moved inside behind Carter, two absolute giants . . . I think I recall that Lonnie Edwards was at left guard last year, but has now been moved to right guard . . . Gallington is a guy they have at both guard positions . . . Joe King has jumped ahead of Delpeche at right tackle . . . Archie is out for the year with a torn ACL . . .

Receivers and Backs

X Receiver H Receiver Y Receiver Z Receiver
Edward Britton; 6-0/174; JR Eric Morris; 5-8/169; SR Detron Lewis; 6-0/209; SO Michael Crabtree; 6-3/214; SO
Todd Walker; 6-1/180; JR Adam James; 6-3/217; RS FR Tramain Swindall; 6-3/175; RS FR Lyle Leong; 6-1/165; SO
Rashad Hawk; 6-4/183; FR Blake Kelley; 5-11/180; JR Adrian Reese; 6-7/207; JR Landon Hoefer; 6-1/200; JR
Brik Brinker; 6-2/199; SO Cornelius Douglas; 5-9/180; FR Austin Zouzalik; 6-1/175; FR Jacoby Franks; 6-1/194; RS FR


Quarterback Running Back BH Receiver
Graham Harrell; 6-3/205; SR Aaron Crawford; 5-11/199; SO Ryan Hale; 6-1/227; JR
Taylor Potts; 6-5; 218; SO Baron Batch; 5-11/200; RS SO -
Steven Sheffield; 6-4/218; SO Shannon Woods; 5-11/194; SR -
Stefan Loucks; 6-1/171; RS FR Harrison Jeffers; 5-9/210; FR -
Seth Doege; 6-2/207; FR Brandon Reid; 6-1/210; FR -

Thoughts: Interesting that Jacoby Franks is behind Landon Hoefer, I'm surprised by this . . . Williams' depth chart does state that the starting running back could be Crawford, Batch or Woods, indicating that the starting spot is still up for grabs . . . Apparently Brandon Reid is going to get a shot at running back although it's been mentioned before that he could end up at linebacker or safety . . . Reese has apparently lost ground to Swindall, but Reese always struck me as the type of guy in-between positions . . .

Defensive Line and Linebackers

End Nose Tackle Tackle Rush End
Jake Ratliff; 6-7/255; SR Colby Whitlock; 6-2/285; SO Rajon Henley; 6-3/266; JR Brandon Williams; 6-5/246; JR
Brandon Sharpe; 6-3/244; JR Chris Perry; 6-3/308; FR Richard Jones; 6-1/272; JR Daniel Howard; 6-3/238; JR
Brandon Sesay; 6-6/279; JR Clint Stoffels; 6-0/254; SO David Neill; 6-5/263; RS FR McKinner Dixon; 6-3/250; JR
Ryan Haliburton; 6-4/242; FR Britton Barbee; 6-2/282; SO Joey Fowler/INJ; 6-4/271; FR Sandy Riley; 6-0;237; JR


Sam Linebacker Mike Linebacker Will Linebacker
Bront Bird; 6-4/226; SO Brian Duncan; 6-1/238; SO Marlon Willilams; 6-0/224; JR
Tyrone Sonier; 6-2/215; RS FR Victor Hunter; 5-11/256; JR Blake Collier; 6-2/211; JR
Julius Howard; 6-1/210; SO Sam Fehoko; 5-11/236; RS Julius Howard; 6-1/210; SO
- Chris Wallace; 5-11/208; JR Riley Harvey; 6-1/193; 9

Thoughts: I always forget that because Sharpe missed so much time last year he's still a junior and having not seen him play, I'm not sure if he should be the backup left end . . . Lots of youth at the strong linebacker spot, but lots of talent as well . . . Williams mentioned that Howard would be getting time at the strong side spot as well as the weakside spot . . . I really want to see Fehoko on the field . . .

Defensive Backs

Left Corner Strong Safety Free Safety Right Corner
Jamar Wall; 5-10/195; JR Anthony Hines; 6-1/222; SR Darcell McBath; 6-1/196; SR LaRon Moore; 5-9/186; SO
Brent Nickerson; 6-0/195; JR L.A. Reed; 6-2/212; SR Daniel Charbonnet; 5-11/203; SR Marcus Bunton; 5-8/192; SR
De'Shon Sanders; 6-1/198; JR Lance Fuller; 6-2/217; SR Jordy Rowland; 6-1/196; SR Pete Richardson; 5-11/185; JR
Taylor Charbonnet; 5-10/168; RS FR Franklin Mitchem; 6-2/201; SO Cody Davis; 6-2; 205; FR Jared Flannel; 5-11/173; RS FR
Jarrell Routt; 6-0/191; JR LaShawn Vation; 5-9/194; JR - Nathan Stone; 5-8/175; SO

Thoughts: I have no idea how much Reed is going to contribute to this year's team . . . Jared Flannel, recruited at running back, is going to be at cornerback, I'm interested . . . Jarrell Routt and De'Shon Sanders need to both make an impact, whether it be on defense or special teams, but those guys need to earn their spots . . .

Special Teams

Kicker Punter
Cory Fowler; 5-8/161; SR Jonathan LaCour; 6-2/208; SO
Jonathan LaCour; 6-2/208; SO -
Donnie Carona; 6-0/215; FR -

Thoughts: The prevailing thought is that Carona wins the kicker job, but it's obviously not being given to him . . .