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Texas Tech Friday Morning Notes - Doesn't Appear To Be A Violation Edition

Double-T Nation News:

By the time I crack open a High Life when I get home tonight it will be less than 24 hours until kickoff. That is so comforting.

And this is because I just can't help myself:



Rest assured that once we get some game photos of Ashley Hartzog in action, she will be as prominently displayed as one of the all-time great Masked Riders, Kevin Burns.

DTN had quite a few folks sign up for the Yahoo! College Football Pick'Em and so I started another one with FunOfficePools, and it's appropriately named Double-T Nation's Pick'Em. First you have to create an account and then click the aforementioned DTN link. We're starting in week 2, so don't worry about picking games this week. I don't want anyone to feel left out. There will be a prize to the winner, not sure what it will be, but I'll try not to make make it a crappy prize, perhaps an elusive Double-T Nation t-shirt (there's only 2 known in existence). Like I said the last time.

Bring it on.

DTN's Top Eight:

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  5. Hyatt's season predictions for Texas Tech.
  6. Per Pitchfork Nation, the Arizona State practice facility was destroyed last night by 70 mph winds.
  7. Phil Steele predicts this weekend's Top 25 games, including your Red Raiders.
  8. Dr. Saturday with your Weekend Viewing Guide.

Texas Tech Football:

So the story of the day, per LAJ's Don Williams, was the possible NCAA rules violation by a certain Texas Tech football player. The name of the player was not released, but there was rampant speculation that this player was Michael Crabtree. Here's NCAA spokesman Chuck Wynne:

"It looks like Texas Tech did work with us," NCAA spokesperson Chuck Wynne said. "Based on the information provided to us by Texas Tech, there doesn’t appear to be a violation."

That's not real definitive language for my taste, but if the case is closed, then it's closed. Now, everyone go say a prayer that thanking your creator that everything is okay.

Per LAJ's Don Williams' Red Raiders Football Notebook, Brent Nickerson is named as the starting cornerback over LaRon Moore. It appears that the staff and cornerback's coach Brian Mitchell went with the bigger cornerback opposite Wall:

"He’s earned the right to step up," Mitchell said. "It’s his turn. He’s a sharp kid. He’s technically sound. I have all the faith in the world he’s going to do a good job, because he’s a student of the game. If there’s one word to describe him, it’s disciplined.’ He’s a very disciplined individual."

Williams also notes that the position battle at center between Stephen Hamby and Shawn Byrnes is a game-time decision.

FWST's Dwain Price features quarterback Graham Harrell, as well as a Q&A session with Harrell. Some pretty nice words from Captain Leach on his quarterback:

"I think he’s great at watching film, and I think he’s great at improving himself and seeing what are the things to work on to improve," Leach said. "The other thing about him is he never really gets down, and he never lets the defense get in his head and hold him back." Leach emphatically said Harrell is good enough to play in the NFL, and believes nothing will hold him back from obtaining that honor. But as Tech edges closer toward what could be a memorable season, Harrell has placed the NFL on the backburner.

Harrell also talks about playing in the NFL, but I think he's got the right idea -- Carpe Diem, Sir -- enjoy the moment:

"I would love to play at the next level, that’s obviously my goal," he said. "But when you have an opportunity like this with this much talent around you with one last year of college, that’s not something that’s on my mind. "It’s more like winning every game we play here and then once the season is over, we’ll worry about what happens next. I just think with this team and with the players we have, if I start thinking about anything else, I’m selling myself short."

Neglected Video: Per Fox34, Shannon Woods to get the start on Saturday night . . . Fox 34 on Rajon Henley calling out his roommate, Brandon Williams for eating all of his food . . . DT video on the Saddle Tramps wrapping Will Rogers . . . Tech Talk previews the TT defense v. the EWU offense . . .

Know Thy Enemy: DT's Alex Ybarra on QB Matt Nichols and EWU is looking to stage an Appalachian State-esque upset

Texas Tech Recruiting:

This is strange because I've never seen articles on potential recruits by the LAJ before, but I'm certainly not complaining. Kevin Brent (5'11"/196), a defensive back from South Oak Cliff is considering Texas Tech, as is receiver Emory Blake (6'2"/200), son of NFL quarterback, Jeff Blake. BTW, Brent does not look 18. Dude's got a full goatee.