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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Notes - We're Going To Do It Edition

Double-T Nation News:

From this point forward I think this may be the schedule for the remainder of the football season:

  • Monday: analysis/review of Saturday's game
  • Tuesday: introduction
  • Wednesday: Texas Tech offense v. opponent defense
  • Thursday: Texas Tech defense v. opponent offense
  • Friday:
  • Saturday: game-day article roundup and open game day thread
  • Sunday: analysis/review of Saturday's game

I'm up for just about any suggestions, but this is my tentative plan. I'm going to be a day off this week as I already have the Wednesday and Thursday articles ready.

DTN's Top Eight:

  1. Video on the Cuban Taekwondo face-kicker.
  2. Blake Griffin gets busted for public urination.
  3. Da Wiz on why cupcakes are bad for the fans (which I think it is), but my question is who changes this?
  4. De-lish . . . Dr. Saturday on the flexbone, Georgia Tech and Paul Johnson's offense.
  5. Rod Benson on blogging and being an athlete.
  6. This may only be funny to those of you in the DFW area, but the fake Norm Hitzges interviews the fake Rick Gosselin.
  7. Rakes of Mallow on who they think will be in the top 10 at the end of the year.
  8. The Longhorns are going to be awfully young in the secondary.

Texas Tech Football:




The LAJ has video of yesterday's press conference (thank you) as well as an article on the players getting excited about playing on Saturday against Eastern Washington. Thought this was funny about Graham Harrell from his roommate Darcel McBath:

"Graham sleeps pretty well," Tech’s senior safety said. "I try not to make too much noise and wake him up. I’m just usually walking around the room or I’ll walk outside the room and walk around when I can’t sleep. I’ve got too much going through my head. It’s hard for me to sleep now, so I know the night before the game is going to be ridiculous."

The FWST's Dwain Price looks at the Eastern Washington offense and the Texas Tech defense, and this from Brian Duncan in the first article:

"Coach Leach teaches us not to let that be a distraction, but how do you, man?" asked linebacker Brian Duncan. "It’s just that feeling inside that we’re going to be the No. 1 team this year.

"We have the potential, we have the guys to be the No. 1 team, and we’re going to do it."

Not holding back there at all.

From the second article, Captain Leach on the defense:

"I think Ruff’s done a great job with the defense," Leach said. "I think we’ve had good defenses in the past.

"But it’s like anything — there’s ups and downs. The offense has been featured on a national level, so sometimes that overshadows some pretty good defense."

Tech Talk and Fox34 with Drew Dougherty, Robert Giovannetti, Chris Level and Jeff Klotzman previewed the Texas Tech 2008 season, this is great for those of you who are out of Lubbock, like myself, and definitely worth your time.

ESPN's Mark Schlabach on the best games of 2008 and Texas Tech makes the list three times:

Oct. 25: Texas Tech at Kansas (TBA) Red Raiders coach Mike Leach takes his high-powered offense to Lawrence, Kan., for the first of two very difficult road games in Big 12 play.

Nov. 8: Oklahoma State at Texas Tech (TBA) After beating the Red Raiders 49-45 last season, Cowboys coach Mike Gundy screamed, "I'm a man!" After this year's meeting in Lubbock, Texas, Leach hopes he'll be able to scream, "I'm the man!"

Nov. 22: Texas Tech at Oklahoma (TBA) The Red Raiders took a 27-7 lead in the first half of last season's 34-27 victory, beating the Sooners for the second time in a row at AT&T Jones Stadium. The loss knocked the Sooners out of the national championship race.