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Texas Tech Sunday Morning Notes - Some Reluctance Edition

Double-T Nation News:

It's really quiet this morning and there's relatively no news. Like I said yesterday, it's just 6 more sweet and short days until the silly season ends.

Texas Tech Football:

Hat-tip to DMN's Chuck Carlton, but according to the Oklahoman, it appears that Texas Tech and OSU are not set on the venue for their DFW game. The debate is over the Dallas Cowboys new stadium or the Cotton Bowl, with Texas Tech having strong ties to the Cotton Bowl in John Scovell, played at Texas Tech, is on the Texas Tech Board of Regents and also on the Cotton Bowl Athletic Association board:

"There's some reluctance on the part of Texas Tech to not go -- there's a draw at the Cotton Bowl because one of their great supporters is on the board there," Holder said, referring to Dallas businessman John Scovell, who played quarterback at Tech and is on both the Tech board of regents and the Cotton Bowl Athletic Association board. "There's a lot of tradition involved with the Cotton Bowl and they just made a lot of improvements there. I think they're both great places to play but I can't imagine anyone wouldn't prefer the newest, brightest, best stadium on the planet."

I've gone back and forth on this one and the decision to play in Dallas isn't as easy for me as it was 6 months ago. I worry about losing revenue at a home game, especially if Jerry's World isn't willing to guarantee any sort of payout, with revenue resting on butts in seats. Personally, I'd love to have a game close and I'd go without question, but I'm not sure how gung-ho my fellow DFW Red Raiders are about a game in Dallas and whether or not it makes a difference to play in the Cotton Bowl or Jerry's World.

The LAJ's Red Raiders Football Notebook only has a little news, which is that there still isn't a decision on the center position or at running back. That's not really news, is it?