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Texas Tech Wednesday Morning Notes - I'm Speedy On The Inside Edition

Double-T Nation News:

I woke up late this morning (6 a.m. instead of 5 a.m.) so all you get is a top 3 and abbreviated notes and you'll have to wait for the "What I'm Worried About" for the defense until tomorrow. I know, boo me and boo sleep.

DTN's Top Nine Three:

  1. Olympics in legos.
  2. Dr. Saturday looks at the stronger Vegas odds, including Texas Tech.
  3. BHGP presents breaking down the Big Ten quarterbacks, with special guest, Mike Guny.

Texas Tech Football:

Yikes. According to LAJ's Don Williamas' Red Raiders Football Notebook, starting cornerback L.A. Reed injured his right knee and ankle during yesterday's practice. Other than knowing that he was carted off the field, that's about all we know as the staff does not comment on injuries. Here's Williams on how who he thinks will step in Reeds place:

Sophomore LaRon Moore took Reed’s spot with the first team later in practice. Juniors Brent Nickerson and Pete Richardson were the second-team cornerback pairing.

On Saturday, cornerbacks coach Brian Mitchell said he is comfortable with Nickerson, senior Marcus Bunton and Richardson. He said Nickerson and Bunton were more experienced, but Richardson had made more plays than the other two in preseason camp.

Also in the notebook, the coaching staff has limited game-preparation to 28 offensive players and 28 defensive players, which means that we're really starting to define who is going to play and who isn't. Right now, Mr. Crabtree's back-up, Lyle Leong, and Adrian Reese are on the scout team with Jacoby Franks making the main field, while on the defensive side of the ball, Marcus Bunton, Branadon Sharpe, De'Shon Sanders and Franklin Mitchem.

Not shocked at all about Reese, Sanders and Mitchem. I'm slightly surprised that Sharpe, who it seemed was having a pretty good camp and Bunton who I had behind Reed on the depth chart, but apparently it's Moore, Nickerson and Richardson who are going to get the reps. Moore was pushed down on the left side due to an injury that kept out of practice, but apparently, he's the other guy. Also keep in mind that if the coaches are looking for size on the other corner, Brent Nickerson is the only one who was mentioned that is at 6'.



LAJ's Don Williams feature this morning centers around Cornelius Douglas and Austin Zouzalik, former quarterbacks in high school who are now receivers. We haven't heard much about Douglas, and here he is on what he offers:

"I’m pretty speedy on the inside," Douglas said. "When you’re playing inside, you have to be able to maneuver around the linebackers. I’m not too tall, so it’s quite easy for me to get into the linebackers and get into those holes. That really benefits me a lot."



SB Nation brother-blog, Track Em Tigers' Jay Coulter, has a pretty interesting re-cap of the career of former Red Raider Chris Todd. Most of us having seen Todd play, we can all attest that he has a strong arm, makes quick decisions and the only reason he didn't play was because he was behind Graham Harrell. In almost any other situation, he would have started. If Auburn needs a spread offense quarterback, then Todd is your guy.



Eric Sorrentino of the Lawrence Journal-World ranks the Big 12's biggest games and Texas Tech v. Oklahoma is on top of the list:

Why this game?: Because it could very much decide the Big 12 South Champion. And let’s face it, the South typically prevails in the Big 12 Championship game. If this puts it in better perspective, the South has won the last four Big 12 Championship games by a combined score of 171-30.

Also making the list is Texas v. Texas Tech at #6 and Texas Tech v. Kansas at #8. Good, well thought out list. Check it out.