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Texas Tech Monday Morning Notes - Room For Three Edition

Double-T Nation News:

Don't forget to check out the updated depth chart and let me know if I've missed anything. There's really a lot of movement at almost every position other than the receiver, which could happen if some injured guys don't get back on the field.


DTN's Top Nine:

  1. Smart Football with an incredibly detailed look at the A-11 Offense. If you spend your time reading about football today, let this be it.
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  3. The Phelps-Cavic photo finish. Amazing to see it close-up.
  4. Donald Draper advises you on the summer drink. Stick to rye.
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  6. World War II, cartoonist Bill Mauldin via The Morning News.
  7. Interesting BlogPoll ballot from Rocky Top Talk.
  8. Pysch. Schnellenberger was just kidding.
  9. USA Today's Top 5 non-QB Heisman Candidates, Mr. Crabtreee makes the list.

Texas Tech Football:



LAJ's Don Williams morning feature is on L.A. Reed's transition to cornerback. Here's Reed on the move:

"I wouldn’t say it feels like it’s freshman year, because I was at safety last (spring)," Reed said. "When I moved to safety, it kind of felt like my freshman year again, being on a whole new side of the ball and having a totally different mentality than offense. Switching to corner didn’t really change my mentality. I’ve had to pick up a little bit different scheme, but it wasn’t that hard to do."

While cornerbacks coach Brian Mitchell says that Reed is meeting expectations:

"He has done a tremendous job technically," Mitchell said over the weekend. "Every day that we add something new scheme-wise, he’s in there applying it, not only in the classroom but on the field. He’s doing a very good job."

This is just another thing to take note of in terms of putting talent on the floor. I don't think there's any doubt thaat Ruffin McNeill will try and put the most talented players on the field, the guys who give Texas Tech the chance to be successful. I'm not sure that I've really considered how big of an undertaking this is, putting Reed at corner after only having a spring practice at safety. This has the potential to be really great or fail in a real bad way.

Just two more weeks.


Along the same lines of putting the most talented players on the field, in Williams Red Raiders Football Notebook he details the coaching staff tinkering with Brandon Sesay at defensive tackle.

Again, most talented player on the field, position be damned.

Here's McNeill on the move:

"I’ll put him everywhere," defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill said. "Brandon is a guy that can play end for us with the size that we need. He’s also a guy that can move inside and give us great 3-technique help."

And Sesay:

"I’m just learning the plays," Sesay said. "It’s something I’m looking at and seeing how I can adjust to it, which is not a big problem. I’m just playing my heart out. Wherever I can fit in and make things happen, that’s where I’ll be. It’s not like definite, You’re playing D-tackle or anything like that.’ I’m a defensive end."

The only thing that bothers me if this means that Chris Perry isn't playing up to potential, which is why Sesay is seeing time at defensive tackle. I haven't heard Perry mentioned throughout the spring and I really want Perry to succeed.

Williams also updates us on the kicking situation, the freshmen running backs having a tough time behind young offensive lines, upates on the defensive end position and the kicking situation.


DMN's Brandon George writes about the running back situation and perhpas the most interesting quote from the article is from Captain Leach:

"We'll be able to design roles for all of them," Leach said. "Typically it's two, but if they're real comparable, maybe there is room for three."

It seems that Captain Leach has always been a one running back kind of guy, but it appears that he's ready to get each of them opportunities in game situations, but I think that this also might mean that Leach is going to have to increase the number of carries or the running backs are going to have be more efficient.


The FWST is previewing the top 25 and Texas Tech checks in at #13.


Hat-tip to DTN reader Ryan for this preview of Texas Tech in the L.A. Times.