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Texas Tech Sunday Morning Notes - Defense Was In Disarray Edition

Texas Tech Football:

Waking up a little late this morning, so bear with me.

The AP has released their Top 25 and Texas Tech checks in at #12, 180 points or so behind #11 Texas.

LAJ's Don Williams has updates on the following positions: running back, center, cornerback, safety and kicker. I intend to update DTN's depth chart later this morning. In any event, there's lots of good stuff in Williams article this morning and I think we have a much better idea as to how this position battles are going to play out over the next two weeks.

Williams Red Raiders Football Notebook has notes on Adrian Reese having a good couple days of practice as well as Mr. Crabtree getting some work in at returning kicks. Also of note, Brandon Reid returned back to camp after going home for a couple of days for personal reasons. Also make sure and check out Williams' Raider Rants detailing yesterday's practice. Ruffin McNeill is apparently getting a little frustrated with the defense:

Defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill was frustrated during today's team period. The last few plays of team, the defense was in disarray -- players not getting calls to each other, players being in the wrong position, telling each other they needed to communicate better. Though it wasn't a scrimmage, McNeill yelled timeout to the offensive coaches and gathered his guys around him.

I don't think Mike Leach had planned to end the workout at that point -- probably a few plays later -- but in any event, it concluded on that note.

You don't like hearing that your defense is in "disarray".

The NY Times blog The Quad is counting down the top teams in the nation and they finally land on Texas Tech at #13. It's a decent write-up, but not very accurate in terms of position battles. For example, they aren't aware that L.A. Reed has been moved to cornerback or that it will be Detron Lewis who hopes to get Amendola's receptions, but in any event, it's the NY Times so it gets a mention. They also fail to mention DTN as a place where Texas Tech fans congregate. I've left a comment, nothing wrong with a little self-promotion.