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Blog Poll Week #1 - Final Submission

Alright, I've listened. Georgia gets the #1 spot, although I still think that Georgia's recent string of injuries is going to come back to haunt them, not to mention a killer SEC schedule. In any event, Ohio State will move to #2 and USC to #3.

Random Thoughts:  The only other comment that I had was about Michigan at #22, which seems to be the consensus from what I've read around the blogosphere, but I certainly understand that losing Long, Henne, Hart and Manningham (I think) is going to cause that team to slip, but I like the life that RR has infused in that team and I think they still have a ton of talent . . . And for the record, once I got past West Virginia, I really thought that teams 8 through 12 were pretty comparable, at least right now . . . I'm going to be watching Auburn and LSU closely as they are replacing a quarterback and Auburn is installing a new offensive system. Granted, both defenses are stacked, but you've got to be able to put points on the board . . . I'm also a little unsure about Wisconsin, but with a bulk of their offensive line and three pretty good runners, I like their team.

1. Georgia Ohio State
2. Ohio State  USC
3. USC  Georgia
4. Missouri
5. Florida
6. Oklahoma
7. West Virginia
8. Clemson
9. Auburn
10. LSU
11. Wisconsin
12. Texas Tech
13. Penn State
14. Texas
15. South Florida
16. Arizona State
17. BYU
18. Oregon
19. Virginia Tech
20. Wake Forest
21. Kansas
22. Michigan
23. Tennessee
24. Illinois
25. Utah