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Texas Tech Saturday Morning Notes - My Way Will Work Edition

Double-T Nation News:

Today's is my wife's birthday, so Happy Birthday to my sweet wife who let's me do this.

ESPN Big 12 Blogger Tim Griffin expands on my thoughts on the defenses of the last 6 conference games (thanks for the link) and also check out the Captain Leach interview with 103.3 ESPN Radio.

You like the stars or lines to separate stories?

Texas Tech Football:

I'm going to lead with another shouting match between players, as LAJ's Don Williams reports that this verbal squabble was between Marlon Williams and Brandon Sesay, both defensive players. Williams notes that this is interesting that this is the second time this has happened this week, but it should also be pointed out that this is Marlon Williams' second situation where he's verbally called out a player. I get the feeling that M. Williams is a real high energy guy and that may be part of the cause, but I'm not sure.

In any event, this is something to watch.

Williams LAJ feature this morning is on Eric Morris receiving a direct snap from the center, a la a quasi-zone read. Here's Morris on the play:

"It’s something different that defenses have to respect when I’m back there," said Morris, the Red Raiders’ starting inside receiver. "We did kind of a similar read play when I was in high school, so I’m kind of familiar with it, and coach Leach knew that when he called me this summer and kind of wanted to start running it."

And here's Williams describing the play with a little more detail:

Tech quarterback Graham Harrell is flanked on one side by a running back and on the other, a step or two closer to the line, by Morris. Morris can give to, say, Shannon Woods or Aaron Crawford crossing in front of him or, if he sees a lane for himself, keep it and go in the other direction.

It looks like the popular zone-read keeper that many teams run with their quarterback. Instead of reading a specific defensive player, however, Morris said his read is simply to look for open grass to run to.

Interesting bit from Raider Rants from yesterday's practice, apparently Sam Fehoko has been getting an earful from Ruffin McNeil on Fehoko's position:

Ruffin McNeill was giving Sam Fehoko all the tough love Fehoko could take during the inside running drill. McNeill wasn't pleased with Fehoko being misaligned and yelled at him more than once, "Your way might work! My way will work!'' And .. "I need you to play!'' The DC has gotten after Fehoko pretty good this week. He jumped on him the other day for lining up too deep and letting a running play come to him.

While Julius Howard is getting it right:

And after OLB Julius Howard got into the right position to make another play, McNeill pleasantly chimed in. "Isn't it easier when we work on it? I don't yell. I'm happy. My blood pressure's down. I'm bragging on you. Good work, Julius.''

Williams' Red Raiders Football Notebook focuses on the defensive ends and if a game were to be played today, both Ratliff and Brandon Williams would be starting if the season were to start today. Here's Williams on where these guys have been playing:

Newcomers Brandon Sesay and McKinner Dixon have worked mostly with the third unit on base defense, but have seen first-team duty in substitution pass-rush packages. Williams and Daniel Howard have formed a solid 1-2 at right end, where Sandy Riley’s having a good camp, too.

Williams also mentions that Riley may be moved to Ratliff's side as early as today, which means that either Sharpe and/or Sesay get knocked down a peg. Interesting.

Defensive line coach Charlie Sadler also said that Brandon Williams is working on playing the run, which has to happen:

"The biggest thing I’ve seen in him is it looks like he’s made progress on playing the run," Sadler said. "He’s always been a very good pass rusher for us. Sometimes he’d do good last year playing run; sometimes he didn’t. I expect to see much more consistency from against the run than a year ago."

Injury report from Raider Rants (they're really minor).

For those of you going to practice, times are a changin'. Williams reports in Raider Rants that Texas Tech's weekend practices have been moved up to 1:30 p.m..