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I'm Angry But I Shouldn't Be

This makes me angry.  This  makes me angry, but I shouldn't even care.  I'm angry because Jean-Jacques Taylor baited the hook and I'm biting.  I'm even more angry because he's got a gig writing for a major publication, but apparently the DMN prefers articles/writers/blog posts that are ill informed and simply full of conjecture.

Don't get me wrong, I can be full of conjecture as well, but I'd like to think that I put a little bit of reasoning behind my thoughts.

Quite simply, it's bad because it's lazy. It's a guy from School X going to School Y's message board and throwing out a little hate to try and stir the hornets' nest. . What I really think this is is the DMN's attempt to get people to pay attention to his Taylor's blog, which I suppose he's done. The DMN put out the teaser on their college blog to suck us all in and it worked. Not only that, but Taylor also tried to suck in the Longhorn faithful as well as the Aggies.

I'm guessing that someone had an assignment sitting on their desk this morning.

DMN you're supposed to be better than that.

But let's get back to Taylor's argument, which is that the Texas Tech defense isn't getting any better until he sees it for himself. 

What a shitty argument.


That's all you've got?

How about a few statistics or let's throw out that comparatively speaking, Texas Tech wasn't that bad in total defense last year, at least in-conference. I would guess that by Taylor's tremendous theory Kansas shouldn't have been any good last year as they finished 10th in total defense in 2006, but finished 1st in total defense in 2007. 

Keep in mind, I'm incredibly hopeful that the defense is going to be absolutely stellar, but I think most Texas Tech fans have a pretty realistic concept that it's not perfect, but it is improving.  Most of us understand that this typically doesn't happen over-night, but it does happen over time and Texas Tech is showing steady improvement on the defensive side of the ball, not to mention, there is a discernible difference in the athletes on that side of the ball compared to years' past.

I get that the DMN is trying to increase it's online readership, but don't do it this way.