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Texas Tech Thursday Morning Notes - Get The Snap Off Edition

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Double-T Nation News:

DTN's Top Six:

  1. A map of the most famous wanderlusts of all time.
  2. BON's Billy Zane talks about the BlogPoll and references the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.
  3. Burn! FAU's Howard "Freaking" Schnellenberger is talking trash about the Longhorns.
  4. Fanblogs on Trev Alberts favorite blogs.
  5. EDSBS looks at necessary things, but forgets the Beerdolier.
  6. Buckeye Commentary's 63 things he wants to know about this football season.

Texas Tech Football:

LAJ's Don Williams reports on the first scrimmage was yesterday and it appears that both the offense and defense played well, as they adjusted to the new clock rules. Williams reports that Graham Harrell needed only 14 plays to lead his team to three 60 yard touchdown drives and Harrell had no problem with the speed of play. Here's Harrell on the clock rules:

"If we’re really going and moving fast and have the tempo we need to be playing at, the 40-second clock shouldn’t even affect us," Harrell said. "We should be able to get the snap off, get set, maybe even get checks in if we need it. It shouldn’t be that big a difference for us, except hopefully it’ll speed up the other team and we’ll get a few more plays in."

Williams also details quite a bit more of the scrimmage in Raider Rants where he details those scoring drives:

Harrell led the offense to three touchdowns -- a four-play series capped by a 24-yard scoring pass to Tramain Swindall, a five-play drive capped by a 17-yard scoring pass to Mike Crabtree and a five-play march capped by a 9-yard touchdown run from Baron Batch. They were all 60-yard drives, having started at the minus-40.

Williams states that backup quarterback Taylor Potts also had an efficient drive and looked good in his 15 play series and that most of the scoring came against third team defenses.

Williams' Tech Notes starts off with the dismissal of Adrian Hamilton for, "violating team rules". I would always forget about this guy in terms of depth chart, but as Williams notes he could never crack the top three at either end position. Hamilton was not on scholarship.

Williams also focuses on inside receiver Adam James, who has seen quite a bit of time with Eric Morris' hamstring injury. Here's Harrell on James:

"He’s playing the best I’ve ever seen him play," quarterback Graham Harrell said. "I just gain more and more confidence in him every day. He had two big catches for me today: One of them (the 27-yarder), he kind of got hit and held on to the ball. He’s doing a really good job, and he’s going to be a big part of this offense."

Seeing this reminded me that I needed to link to the Q&A with Adam James, which is certainly worth your time.

The SportingNews' Derek Samson writes about the explosive offenses of the Big 12 and points to the high scoring offenses that score early and often. I point to this article to mention that I've finished my post, to be published later this morning, on the yards and points given up last 6 conference games in the Big 12 as well as a look at the average for the Big Ten, SEC and Big 12.

Texas Tech Baseball:

Roger Kieschnick, a third round pick of the San Francisco Giants, has signed. Congrats to Roger and we wish you well in your professional endeavors!