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Texas Tech Sunday Morning Notes - Frowny, Tired Expressions On Their Face Edition

Double-T Nation News:

College Football Top Ten asked me to write a preview of Texas Tech. Check it out.

Texas Tech Football:



According to Don Williams' Raider Rants blogs, yesterday's practice was not one for the ages. Here's Williams and Captain Leach:

Mike Leach ripped pretty much the entire team during the huddle-up after the 11-on-11 team period. Told the offense they had just gone through the motions, then turned to the defense and asked why they let freshman RB Harrison Jeffers stick to them so many times.

Leach didn't put it as delicately as I did. Actually, it qualified as the (get ready for the cliche here) profanity-laced tirade. After the tirade, there were extra sprints and body rolls. When the players and the assistants dispersed back into position drills, you sort of wondered if Leach was going to do the workout over from the start. But it did end after the position drills.

Later, Captain Leach cooled off a bit and had this to say about practice:

"I thought it was inconsistent from start to finish. Sometimes offense would do very little and play very weakly, sometimes defense would, and it just traded back and forth. Long story short, as coaches and players, we did a poor job of doing our jobs. There's guys with frowny, tired expressions on their face. That can’t be tolerated. I tolerated way too much of that. We’re a team that's got to do our job and finish. We didn't do that today.''

LAJ's Don Williams finds out what Mr. Crabtree did this summer, and Mr. Crabtree is into fashion:

"I’m into a lot of fashion, so I thought I would just have my own clothing line," he said. "Different people, different tailors, work with me."

Crabtree said he’s been drawing fashion designs since he was in eighth grade and genuinely expects to see tangible results. He declines to reveal a name, but said he will have his stamp on a line of clothing soon.

"With a clothing line, you’ve got to have different options," Crabtree said, "so I try to make clothes everybody will like. Anytime I have free time, I’m drawing up something that I like, something different."

Williams did talk a little football with Mr. Crabtree is confident year two will be even better:

"It’s going to be real different," he acknowledged. "This is my second year. I’m more experienced. I’m coming in ready, knowing what I have to do. Last year, I knew what I had to do, but now I’m playing some teams that it’ll be my second time playing. That’s even better. Playing a team a second time, you know what they’ve got and you know what you’ve got to do to improve, so that’s what I’ve been working on."

Per Williamas' Red Raiders Football Notebook, we find out that Mikey Okafor has moved from left tackle to right tackle and Chris Olson is permanently at left tackle. Offensive line coach Matt Moore on the move:

"He just looks a lot better, a lot more comfortable," Moore said. "He’s always been a right-side player. You can tell when you put him over there. His technique’s better and that kind of stuff. Right tackle’s a natural position for him."

Also in the notebook, Victor Hunter has been out with a minor injury, but is still second team behind Brian Duncan, Eric Morris had his hamstring wrapped at the end of practice and Swindall is making plays.

On Fox34, Brian Duncan on taking a leadership role at middle linebacker and replacing Alex Trlica with Cory Fowler and Donnie Caaronoa.