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Texas Tech Friday Morning Notes - "Star Path" in "Super Mario World" Edition

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Double-T Nation News:

It's the triumphant return of "DTN's Top _____". I know you've been waiting all summer for this to come back so today's your lucky day.

DTN's Top Seven:

  1. Bring On The Cats asks if Ron Prince is on the Hot Seat.
  2. Huh. Baylor hires Dwon Clifton as director of player development and coincidentally John Wall, one of the best hoops players in the country, will follow. That's one hell of a coincidence.
  3. Sporting News' Spencer Hall lurves him some ESPN college football coverage.
  4. Two Virginia offensive linemen were arrested in a gay for stealing beer.
  5. ESPN's Big 12 blogger Tim Griffin takes a look at which Big 12 coaches are the best in big games.
  6. USA Today's breakdown of their Top 25 and Texas Tech is at #14.
  7. The Statesman's Kirk Bohls opines that an early signing period is a good thing, although Captain Leach thinks the idea is silly (because he wants an opportunity to change players' minds?).

Texas Tech Football:

SMQ is Blog Pollin', has Texas Tech ranked #15 and talks about the Red Raiders' prospects this season:

The Raiders have a very real opportunity to move into the mythical title consciousness with a sweep of Nebraska, Texas A&M, and Kansas over the next three weeks, leading into a wild, possibly dangerous environment in Lubbock if Texas comes in on Nov. 1 with Tech sitting at 8-0. Its like an old video game with progressively tougher and tougher levels, until you reach the big, bad boss in the end -- in this case, from mid-major pushovers in September to the conference middleweights in October, then on to well-heeled overlords in November, with heavily-favored Oklahoma playing the role of big boss in Norman, where none of Leach’s teams have come within two scores of the Sooners in four tries. The Big 12 Championship would be like some kind of giddy but challenging bonus level, like the "Star Path" in "Super Mario World," only there are no shortcuts to get there.

RedRaiderSports continues their preview of positions and today Temple Anderson looks at the offensive line, including a look at the freshmen:

Simply put, none of these four freshman will see the field this year. Castillo participated in spring drills, but still has a way to go before he is able to contribute. Perhaps the most highly touted of the incoming freshman is Gallington. At 6'4" and 347 pounds, Gallington projects as an interior lineman. The Richland High School alumnus earned 2nd team 5A All-State honors his senior season and participated in the Offense-Defense All-American Bowl. While Gallington projects on the inside, King and McDaniel project to be tackles. Both have the requisite size to play tackle in the Air Raid (6'6", 324 pounds and 6'7", 323 pounds, respectively).

RaiderAde continues his preview of Texas Tech opponents and up next it's the hated Kansas Jayhawks. This is worth your time this morning.

Justin Jennifer Smoak of gets to know Danny Amendola. I should also mention that there are these KAMC28 newstoriews on Amendola as well as a story on Zach Thomas.

Mr. Crabtree and Rogdrick Craig were on Lubbock's Hot 104.3 and talked a little about the upcoming season. Does anyone else think that this is a little bit of a strange sports combination? I know that Craig is the son of former NFL great Roger Craig, but I just thought that was a weired combination.