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Community Projections: Michael Crabtree

We're getting close to the season and I've been saving Mr. Crabtree's and Graham Harrell's Community Projections for the end of the offseason. Let's go.

Up Next: Michael Crabtree (6-3/214) / #5 / WR / Sophomore

The Facts: We've discussed Mr. Crabtree's statistics before, but just to remind you, in 13 games, Mr. Crabtree caught 134 passes for 1,962 yards and 22 touchdowns.

What I Think: I'm not sure that Mr. Crabtree can duplicate his numbers from last year simply because they were ridiculous and those types of expectations are tough to attain. That being said, he probably gets awfully close. This offense is built around getting receivers in open space and there are few better than Mr. Crabtree. I get the feeling that the touchdowns will continue, just because he is physically much bigger than most cornerbacks and can simply dominate them from a size perspective.