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Texas Tech Wednesday Morning Notes - Earned This Opportunity Edition

Texas Tech:

Texas Tech has announced the new Hall of Fame class and includes the following former Red Raiders:

  • Women's basketball player Alicia Thompson
  • Golfer Robert McKinney
  • Baseball player Mark Brandenburg
  • Baseball player Joe Dillon
  • Football player Robert Hall
  • Football player Don King

While former football coach Jim Carlen will be inducted to the Hall of Honor.

Just for clarification purposes, the Hall of Fame is intended for players, while the Hall of Honor is intended for coaches and administrators, and the Hall of Legacy honors individuals and corporations who have made extraordinary and special financial contributions to Texas Tech athletics.

LAJ's Adadm Zuvanich has a tremendous article on all of the inductees, definitely worth your time.

Texas Tech Football:

I wanted to get back to the Red Raiders who made the Texas Top 100, just for reference purposes:

  • 2009: Five - #36 Kyle Clark (OL); #46 Aaron Fisher (WR); #72 Will Ford (DB); #74 Daniel Cobb (DB); and #79 Jacob Karam (QB).
  • 2008: Three - #69 Deveric Gallington (OL); #71 Seth Doege (QB); and #94 Ryan Haliburton (DE).
  • 2007: Six - #32 Lonnie Edwards (OL); #49 Jacob Amie (WR-never qualified); #66 Blake Emert (OL); #80 Jared Flannel (RB - movded to DB); #85 Detron Lewis (WR); and #97 Tyrone Sonier (DE - moved to LB)
  • 2006: Twelve - #22 Michael Crabtree (WR); #24 Leonard Hewitt (DB - never qualified); #36 Daniel Johnson (DB - never qualified?); #45 Taylor Potts (QB); #47 Baron Batch (RB); #55 Jamar Wall (DB); #58 Rajon Henley (DL); #75 Chris Olson (OL); #82 Buddy Brumit (OL - not on roster); #83 Richard Jones (DL); #85 Blake Collier (LB); and #86 Franklin Mitchem (DB).


Fox34 takes a look back at the Texas Tech TAMU game from last year, I had completely forgotten that Lane had guaranteed a victory. Good times.


Texas Tech Basketball:

Congrats to Bubba Jennings, who was named as Pat Knight's final assistant coach and completes Knight's coaching staff. Here's PK on Jennings:

"Bubba has really earned this opportunity. He did an outstanding job for us as video coordinator and I'm looking forward to having him coaching, working with players on the court, and recruiting for Texas Tech. He had a great playing career as a Red Raider and had the opportunity to play for and learn from Coach Myers. He's a wealth of Texas Tech basketball history and success," said Coach Pat Knight.

And Jennings:

"I really enjoyed having the opportunity to work with Coach Bob Knight for seven years. I'm also very grateful to him for giving me the opportunity to be on his staff. It's amazing how one can continue to learn something new from him every day. I'm really excited about moving into the new position as assistant coach and to be able to continue to work with Coach Pat Knight and the rest of the staff," stated Bubba.

Personally, I love this hire, and I'd imagine that Jennings is somehow responsible for securing Texas Tech's lone commitment, Jaye Crockett and seems like the kind of guy who is going to work incredibly hard at making Texas Tech a destination program, much like PK, Beard and Robinson will also do.


From SB Nation blog Ridiculous Upside, former Red Raider appears to be having a pretty good summer league:

3. Andre Emmett: 46% from the field? Not bad at all. Emmett is the second leading scorer for the Pacers, and has shown nice touch and a knowledge of the offense. If he can manage to contribute anything else on the boxscore and tighten up on defense a bit, it would be a great start to this season for the journeyman.