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DTN Thursday Open Thread - Offensive Non-Starter to Make the Biggest Impact

It's now time to turn towards the offense and I'll ask a similar question to yesterday, which offensive non-starter from last year (using the Virginia game) will make the biggest impact this year (please note that the official stats say that Kobey Lewis started, but I have to imagine that this is a mistake, should be Eric Morris).

I'm thinking that in order to be fair, we may want to eliminate Detron Lewis completely. He should have a huge impact this year, but we'll leave him in just because he fits the criteria. I'm going to vote for someone else despite Lewis being my clear choice.

I'm really tempted to go with Baron Batch. He's my guy, but ultimately, my choice is, and its a tad risky and a little unconventional, Donnie Carona. Should Carona be able to prove himself early, then I get the feeling that Leach is going to trust him completely and if he does, I think he gets a ton of opportunities this year, especially with that leg. Not only that, Texas Tech needs him to be great.