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Amendola To Be Featured on Hard Knocks?

This morning while listening to The Ticket on the way into work, The Musers, George Dunham and Craig Miller, mentioned that Danny Amendola may be one of the featured stories in HBO's Hard Knocks during the Dallas Cowboys training camp.

This is all speculation so don't quote me on this and I guess we'll see next week when the first episode starts.

I think most people think that he's a camp longshot, which makes Amendola's story a good one (i.e. he has the potential to be the guy you can relate to, and you cheer when he succeeds and cry when he fails) and had the Cowboys not cut Terry Glenn, he might have been looking to make the practice squad.  The Musers mentioned that so long as he can play on the coverage teams, the Cowboys just might make a place for him.

I think the first episode starts next Wednesday so set your Tivo's.