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DTN Wednesday Open Thread - Defensive Non-Starter to Make the Biggest Impact

We take a look at the defense and I want to know which non-starter from last year (we'll use the starters from the Virginia game) is going to make the biggest impact for the Red Raiders and why. Take your pick of any of the newcomers.

Since Bront Bird didn't start last year, I'm going to go with Bird. I think he has the size, speed and instincts to be a real force on the strong side linebacker spot. Texas Tech has needed a difference maker playing linebacker for quite some time, a guy who knows how to play the run and being a former safety, I think he's certainly adept at dropping back in coverage.

I'm tempted to also put Sesay or Fehoko in this spot, but I think Bird has the chance to make the biggest impact. Real close to putting in Sesay.