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Texas Tech Thursday Morning Notes - Jack of All Trades Edition

Double-T Nation News:

Complete give-up this morning. A couple of very brief notes, but I found a bunch of videos that seemed like good times for a holiday weekend.

For those of you who have tomorrow off, have a great weekend and stay safe, stay very, very safe.

Texas Football:

The NY Times blog, The Quad, is counting down every BCS team, and they are at Texas Tech opponent, Nevada.


We have a number of videos from the 1994 game against Texas, where the Red Raiders were able to defeat the hated Longhorns 33-9. The Red Raiders went 6-6 that year, with losses to Nebraska, OU, TAMU, Rice, TCU and USC in the Cotton Bowl. The wins included New Mexico, SMU, Baylor, Texas, Louisiana-Lafayette and Houston. Texas was 8-4 that year, and after this game in Lubbock, the Horns also lost to TAMU in Austin.

Up first, we have Zebbie Lethridge passing to Scott Aylor for the touchdown and Lethridge is also able to get the 2-point conversion to make it 21-0.

Zebbie Lethridge to Scott Aylor for 6 vs Texas in 1994 (via VirtuaCory)

This is a blast from the past, Zach Thomas blitzes and sacks Shea Morenz (he never had a chance and how about that running back?  Good thing he's back there to help out).

Zach Thomas plants Shea Morenz on the Jones Stadium turf (via VirtuaCory)

I don't remember this at all, but damn is it good times. Shawn Banks takes down Priest Holmes for a safety.

Shawn Banks tackles Priest Holmes for the saftey Tech vs UT (via VirtuaCory)

Last, but certainly not least, Spike Dykes gets a Gatorade shower after the win.

Spike Dykes gets the Gatorade after Texas Tech beats Texas (via VirtuaCory)

Texas Tech Baseball:

LAJ's George Watson has a little more on Spencer's hire of Ed Gustafson, including this on Gustafson from Spencer:

"The first thing is he's a good evaluator of talent," Spencer said of Gustafson. "He's got a lot of experience at the college level and obviously at the pro level. The thing that he can do outside the recruiting area is he's been around the game a long time and has strengths in a lot of areas. I'd like to think we have a bunch of guys who aren't one-dimensional."

And this from Gustafson on what he brings to the program:

"I think from the evaluation standpoint and recruiting standpoint I will be able to contribute a lot there," Gustafson said. "If nothing else I am a little bit of a jack of all trades. More importantly, Dan and I speak the same language and can be a good sounding board for each other. We are very similar in terms of being aggressive and being fundamentally sound ... on how players should go about their business and the level of intensity and professionalism they should have. But I can also play devil's advocate with him."