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Texas Tech Monday Morning Notes - Skeptics Want To See Edition

Double-T Nation News:

As you can tell, I pretty much took off the entire weekend, except for a few items that you can review below. Thursday, Friday and Saturday I worked on a piece about the bad Texas Tech losses in the Mike Leach era, trying to generally identify the cause of those losses.

We only have one week left until practices start and after today, I'll have an open thread posted around noon asking questions relative to the season, looking at some input from you guys.

Ayleein's RaiderAde makes an argument as to why Texas Tech should receive Flagship Status. This is worth your time this morning and email your legislator!!

Texas Tech Football:

On Saturday I was interviewed by Pigskin Podcast regarding the Red Raider season. I must admit that this was only my 2nd interview and I think I rambled a bit and didn't necessarily answer the question, but it's a lot harder talking football with your friends than on the radio. Anyway, take a listen.

On Friday, Sunday Morning Quarterback, Matt, announced he was going pro and will be working at a place yet to be created. There's no question that Matt is one of the best, if not the best, writer of college football on the internet, so if you haven't ever taken the time to read SMQ, now would be a good time. SMQ also wrote / channeled Ask Mike Leach, which is in my estimation absolute genius.

Speaking of bad losses (I promise I wrote the article to be posted at noon on Thursday, Friday and Saturday), DMN's Chuck Carlton asks key questions Big 12 South teams face:

2. Can Texas Tech handle prosperity?

Tech's '07 record: 9-4

Big 12: 4-4

Some things are given, like Manny being Manny and Phil Mickelson picking the wrong club in a major. Tech falls into the same category when it comes to dealing with expectations. People are talking Top 10 rankings and a BCS run, and not just in Lubbock. Before Graham Harrell, Michael Crabtree and Co. consider the possibilities, they must avoid the expected pratfall. Skeptics want to see how they play in a potential trap situation at Nevada and if they survive winnable road games at Kansas and Kansas State before facing Texas and Oklahoma.'s Joe Yeager asks why Captain Leach contract hasn't been extended:

The benefits of taking the initiative are manifold. First, doing so would undercut the recruiting trail mantra that Leach will bolt from Lubbock at the first opportunity. Attacking Leach's commitment to the Tech program, no matter how ludicrous, is a tactic employed by the opposition. Better to negate the ploy now rather than allow that particular card to remain in the deck.

Second, taking the initiative would create further goodwill between the Athletic Department and Leach, and would make the actual contract negotiations go more smoothly and amicably.

And third, this approach would go some length toward warding off all but the most brazen suitors for Leach's services after the 2008 season is complete. And if the Red Raiders are all they are currently cracked up to be, you can bet your sweet bippy that some of the heavyweights will come a-calling. They will recognize quality coaching when they see it.

I would imagine that Myers and Captain Leach have discussed this before as Leach's name came up in the course of job openings the past two years. I would like to see Leach here at Texas Tech for the forseeable future so locking him up only makes sense to a guy who wants him here. I would understand that not everyone feels this way, but I want Leach at Texas Tech.