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Texas Tech Wednesday Morning Notes - It's Kind of Like Pitching Edition

Double-T Nation News:

There's a ton of stuff out there and I can't get to all of it, but I tried to link to the bigger stories. Please feel free to post a FanShot with a link or quote.

Thanks to DTN reader djollie111 for putting together a nice Texas Tech schedule (pdf) to print off at your office or at home. Thanks!

Texas Tech Football:

I don't understand how the New York Times has the courage to do this, but the NYT's Thayer Evans is writing an article about the defensive players at the Big 12 Media Day, cornerback Jamar Wall and safety Daniel Charbonnet. Of course, Captain Leach knows that it's all about defense:

"Defense is probably the most important side of the ball," Leach said. "It’s kind of like pitching. Defense is a consistency like pitching."

Charbonnet talks about the different attitude with Ruffin McNeill in charge:

"There’s new excitement and passion that we’re playing with that we haven’t really had in the past," said Charbonnet of the Red Raiders’ defense.

Meanwhile, Jamar Wall acknowledges that he's tired of the defense being blamed for losses and it's time for the defense to step it up:

For Wall and his defensive teammates, this season is about shedding the stigma of blame for Texas Tech’s losses.

"We’re so tired of it," he said. "Every time we hear it, it’s just like, ‘O.K., yeah we know, it’s always on us.’ This year, we just to have show them."

On Monday, the Captain stated that he preferred Love Field rather than DFW because DFW is a confusing mess. Well, Ken Capps, DFW's vice president for public relations sent Captain Leach an email emploring him to change his mind (thanks to DMN's Brandon George for the entire email at the link above):

Your comments hit home because we're very proud of DFW -- and most of us are big time college football fans!

So, on behalf of Jeff Fegan, our CEO, we'd like to personally invite you and your family for a guided Airport tour and great Texas steak at DFW.

American Airlines has agreed to provide complimentary flights from Lubbock to DFW for you and your family. Mr. Fegan and our executive team will greet you at your gate, along with DFW employees who are proud Red Raiders - and season ticket holders! We'll give you a quick tour of the terminals, take you for a ride on our Skylink train, and have a great steak at our International Terminal D (margaritas too).

And Captain leach responded (thanks to the Chron's Joe Duarte):

"I am sincerely appreciative of your thoughtful gesture and may take you up on it. We are coming up fast on the season, and I may not have time to accept your invitation until December. I am looking forward to meeting the good folks at DFW International Airport and American Airlines."

FWST's Jimmy Burch looks at the growing expectations of the Red Raiders. Cornerback Jamar Wall talks about what those expectations mean and how the team reacts:

"Expectations are something new for us," cornerback Jamar Wall said. "We’ve never been ranked that high. So having those expectations is making us push that much harder to work every day so that we can prove we’re worthy. To us, the higher we are, the better it is."

And receiver Eric Morris acknowledges that it's difficult not to notice all of the hype:

"It’s hard not to get caught up in it," said Morris, a fifth-year senior. "It’s nice to finally have people recognize you and be aware of what you’re doing. But at the same time, that’s really not us. We’re not about the limelight … We kind of thrive on being the underdog. It’s going to be a different role for us this year. We’re going to have to play with expectations that we haven’t had before. It’ll be a challenge for us but it’s something this team is up to."