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Texas Tech Monday Morning Notes - Still Waiting Edition

Double-T Nation News:

Again, it's awfully quiet this morning. You're just going to have to hold tight until tomorrow morning.

Texas Tech Football:

The Columbia Tribune's Dave Matter ranks the Big 12's best offensive backfield players and Graham Harrell checks in at #2:

2. Harrell, quarterback, Texas Tech: Is this the year a Texas Tech passer finally earns recognition outside of Big 12 country? Harrell better win the South Division for that to happen.

Perhaps the biggest problem I had with the list was the fact that TAMU's Stephen McGee wasn't included in the top 12 and I'm not typically one that sticks up for Aggies, but I think he deserves to be in there ahead of Jorvorskie Lane, Derrick Washington or Josh Freeman.

Fox34 is continuing with their Five Ways to Ten Wins for Tech with Part 3 and Part 4. Part 3 discussed getting to the quarterback and Part 4 discussed the effect of Lincoln Riley being upstairs this year rather than on the sidelines.

Big hat-tip to Da Wiz, but there's a ton of information on coaches salaries from, including Big 12 head coaching contracts, total assistant coach salaries in the Big 12 (there's no disparity in college football, right?), top 10 highest and lowest paid assistants in the Big 12, and Big 12 assistant coaches' salaries.

I've been meaning to link to this for quite some time, but NFL Draft Scout is a NFL Draft website, but interestingly has a Texas Tech page which shows their rankings of any players with the potential to be drafted. This is a pay website, but you can check out quite a bit of free information, at least enough to waste away part of your morning. If nothing else, this is something that's interesting to look at and a couple of items jump out at me. First, Colby Whitlock is rated by these guys to be the #5 defensive tackle as a sophomore and Mickey Okafor is ranked at the #15 best offensive tackle, ahead of Rylan Reed, who is ranked as the #56 best tackle. I'm guessing this is based off of professional potential.

There's a nice article from LAJ's Ian Klumpp on former Texas Tech receiver Grant Walker, who now plays for the arenafootball2 Lubbock Renegades.