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Texas Tech Thursday Morning Notes - No Longer The Media Darlings Edition

Double-T Nation News:

ESPN's new Big 12 blogger Tim Griffin agreed to an interview with DTN and he emailed me the answers last night. Make sure and check back around lunch time for that interview.

[Note by Seth C, 07/17/08 5:58 AM CDT ]  I meant to mention this when I posted, but DTN reader Boarder posted a FanPost on what Facebook is and how to joinDTN is up to 22 friends, I can always use some more and don't forget about the DTN Facebook Group (again, thanks to Boarder for getting this done).

Glad to see Flags Over Raiderland back in the saddle and now all we need is Classless Clowns to get back into the blogging groove. Keep in mind, no blogging-pressure, I just like for Texas Tech to be well represented in the blogosphere.

Texas Tech Football:

So perhaps Texas Tech really has come full circle. With yesterday's release of the Big 12 Media Preseason Poll and as Corn Nation pointed out, the media was predictably predictable (first place votes in parentheses):

2008 Big 12 Preseason Football Poll (Media Vote)

1.     Missouri (51)     306
2.     Kansas     234
3.     Nebraska     183
4.     Colorado     181
5.     Kansas State     108
6.     Iowa State     59
1.     Oklahoma (49)     304
2.     Texas (2)     230
3.     Texas Tech     227
4.     Oklahoma State     140
5.     Texas A&M     118
6.     Baylor     52

It's official. The Texas Tech Red Raiders are no longer the media darlings they were just 2 months ago.

If I'm the Captain this morning, I gather my team together, and let them very quietly know that despite returning a ridiculous number of starters, two Heisman candidates and a much improved defense, the media certainly doesn't think they are going to be any better than they were last year. I'm not sure how much a media poll will motivate players, but it's certainly something that should be tucked away.

Per ESPN's Griffin, Texas Tech is to start fall practices on August 4th.

I don't know who this guys is, but sounds good (hat-tip DT!)

In somewhat related news, Tulsa's Clark Harrell, younger brother to Graham Harrell, will transfer to an FCS school, while former UT quarterback G.J. Kinne will transfer to Tulsa.