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Texas Tech Sunday Morning Notes - Struggling for Content Edition

Texas Tech Football:

Perhaps the most interesting (and lone) article this morning is from Samuel McKewon of the Nebraska State Paper, who makes the case that the Big 12 will unseat the SEC as the nation's best conference this year. One thing that McKewon did, which I thought was an interesting exercise this morning, was to take each team from the SEC and Big 12 and put them in a head-to-head matchup. Below is the list from McKewon (he put the teams in order) with my winner (underlined) and comment by me:

  • Oklahoma/Georgia (both return so much, but I think the Bulldogs win it all, with OU very close)
  • Missouri/Florida (I think Mizzou is underrated by most folks and they return quite the defense)
  • Texas Tech/LSU (LSU is a little unsure at QB right now, although LSU has the defense to stop the Air-Raid.  I'm also hesitating on this pick quite a bit, which means that I'm completely unsure)
  • Kansas/Alabama (I'm not sure how much Saban has improved Alabama, but I still don't think Kansas has the level of talent as Alabama, despite Shula. I've hesitated longer here than any other matchup)
  • Texas/Tennessee (I like Texas this year and UT/Vols have to replace their QB)
  • Oklahoma State/Auburn (both offenses still struggle at times, but give me Auburn's traditionally good/great defense)
  • Nebraska/Mississippi State (I have no idea what Nebraska is going to do this year, they're not a bad football team, but do they have the pieces that Pelini needs/wants, give me Croom)
  • Texas A&M/Arkansas (in terms of talent, this should be TAMU, although I have no idea how the Aggies' o-line holds up)
  • Colorado/South Carolina (I think the Buffs are a little underrated by most)
  • Kansas State/Kentucky (KSU returns their QB but with 19 JUCO's, I don't have a clue how good they will be, but Kentucky is replacing Woodson)
  • Iowa State/Ole Miss (ISU is bad)
  • Baylor/Vanderbilt (just because it will be Briles first year as a head coach, I think he makes the program better eventually)

So I have the the teams going 6-6 (completely unintentional, I thought I'd pick a winner), a draw.  What about you?