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Texas Tech Thursday Morning Notes - A Big Exception Edition

Texas Tech:

Nothing out there this morning except this interesting article from Lee Barfknecht of the Omaha World-Herald regarding Big 12 revenue splits between schools for the 2006-2007 years. Here's a breakdown of the revenue:

  • Texas: $9.51 million
  • Oklahoma: $9.09 million
  • Nebraska: $8.61 million
  • Kansas: $8.58 million
  • Texas A&M: $8.43 million
  • Missouri: $7.76 million
  • Texas Tech: $7.50 million
  • Kansas State: $7.03 million
  • Colorado: $6.90 million
  • Iowa State: $6.84 million
  • Baylor: $6.69 million
  • Oklahoma State: $6.59 million

The article goes on to say that the Big 12's revenue plan is different than the Big Ten's, where all schools share revenue equally.  The Big 12, not so much:

The Big 12 shares all revenue except when it comes to television — and TV is a big exception.

Television contracts in 2006-07, according to IRS filings, produced $51.5 million of the league's $119.1 million in income. That was the No. 1 money source.

Other income: $29.3 million from bowl games; $25 million from the NCAA men's basketball tournament; $11.6 million from conference championships; and $304,000 from corporate sponsorships not directly tied to the events already listed.