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Texas Tech Saturday Morning Notes - Best Foot Forward Edition

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Double-T Nation News:

We have just a couple of quick items this morning. If you haven't already, go vote for DTN's Community Projections.

Texas Tech Football:

Wooot! Phil Steele has Texas Tech at #11 in his 2008 preseason poll.


Texas Tech Baseball:

LAJ's George Watson follows up on yesterday's news as Leverton, Thennis and Brolsma were all picked in the MLB draft. According to Watson and Leverton, he's also gone:

"It was a long day and stressful on you," Leverton said. "It's just a big weight off my shoulders. It (wasn't fun) having to wait all night and keep thinking you would hear your name going on the first day. But it all worked out and I'm going to a good organization."

Leverton said he will talk with the Cubs in the next couple of days and expects to hammer out a deal that will entice him to forego his senior season. He likely will start with the Cubs' rookie league team in Mesa, Ariz., or in Class A with the Boise (Idaho) Hawks.

Some of Texas Tech's current recruiting class were also picked, including Jason Gurka in the 15th round (Angelina College) and Colton Farrar in the 32nd round (First Baptist Academy, Dallas). Trent Petrie had this to say losing Gurka, but Farrar would honor his commitment to Texas Tech:

Tech assistant coach Trent Petrie said the coaching staff expected to lose the three currently on the roster and Gurka, whom Petrie added has some academic issues to resolve that would likely move him more toward signing. But he expects Farrar to honor his commitment to Tech.

"We're right where we need to be as far as money goes, and we feel good now after the draft," said Petrie, who was in San Marcos on a recruiting trip. "We really need to make sure Farrar shows up, and we're sure he will. Both his parents are educated people and they understand the importance of a degree. He will be an integral part of our freshman class."

Texas Tech Track:

More on Texas Tech track, as LAJ's Don Williams discusses the possibility of a NCAA title for the numerous women at the NCAA outdoor track and field championships. Here's D'Andra Carter, currently #1 in the discuss, on the women's track team prospects:

"We have," said D'Andra Carter, who ranks first in the nation in the discus. "I think it's a really good chance. I think the girls here, they know how to work hard and we're very determined to do the best that we can. I think at the meet, everybody will put their best foot forward and we'll do very well and have a chance to win."