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Community Projections: Shannon Woods

What's better than DTN Community Projections on a Friday? Nothing. We've already taken a look at Detron Lewis and Brian Duncan and this morning we go back to the offensive side of the ball with the controversial . . .

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Shannon Woods

#2 / Running Back / Texas Tech Red Raiders




The Facts: Last year Woods led the team in rushing, despite only playing 9 games, with 439 yards rushing and 8 touchdowns while grabbing 34 passes for 138 yards and 2 touchdowns. I believe that Woods status has been well chronicled, in that towards the latter half of 2007, he was in Captain Leach's dog-house. In 2006 Woods had 926 yards rushing with 10 touchdowns and caught 75 passes for 572 yards and 2 touchdowns.

The question isn't whether or not Woods has the talent, I think we can all agree that he does. The real question is how many carries do Baron Batch, Aaron Crawford or Kobey Lewis steal away from Woods, who if he had played his cards correctly, would be the unquestioned starter coming into his senior season.

What I Think: I think we see a three-headed running back rotation this year with Batch, Crawford and Woods. I'm guessing that Woods is closer to 2007 than 2006, but because there's a lot of talent around him that has shown the coaching staff that they can and should play, but I also think that Woods stays in the coaching staff's good graces through the year and ends his collegiate career on a high note.

Feel free to add your own statistics in the comments section if I haven't gotten it right.