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Texas Tech Friday Morning Notes - Already Working On A Contract Edition

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Texas Tech Football:

Fox34 talks with strength and conditioning coach Bennie Wylie and has footage of some of the guys working out, including a quick shot of Mr. Crabtree. Wylie mentions that this current group of players have a great attitude and although they are only in the 2nd week of summer workouts, the intensity is there as if they were in the latter part of the workouts. Do you think this group can see what's in front of them? It starts in the weight room in the offseason, let's hope it continues through the year.


Congrats to Grant Walker who will suit up for the Lubbock Renegades on Saturday night. Here's Walker:

"This type of game might help me out, as far as what I do, because I am more of a quick guy," he said. "The field isn't as big, obviously, so I hope to bring speed to the team."

Texas Tech Baseball:

Roger Kieschnick was picked at #82 overall by the San Francisco Giants and two picks later at #84, the Cincinnati Reds picked Zach Stewart. Here's Stewart:

"I hear my name and I'm like, Well, I don't need to talk to you guys anymore cause I just got picked,'" said Stewart, a Holliday native. "I wasn't really paying any attention then I saw Kiesch went two ahead of me. It was cool to get picked that close. Honestly, I had hardly any contact with the Reds all year. I expected to get drafted by one of two teams, either the Royals or the Astros because they showed a ton of interest and called me and talked to me on draft day. This came out of nowhere."

Kieschnick sounds a bit apprehensive, while Stewart sounds like he's on his way:

"We'll just have to see how things go," Kieschnick said. "They haven't offered me anything. I talked to the area scout but I haven't talked to the other (main) scout. We'll see what happens, but I'm not making any promises so far."


"We're already working on (a contract)," Stewart said. "I've had a great time at Tech and that's helped me a great deal. I really appreciate everyone that's helped me, but it's time to go."

Texas Tech Track:

The track team doesn't get near enough coverage here at DTN, but Fox34 interviewed the athletes who are going to the NCAA Track Championships. You can read about the athletes going here, here and here.