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Texas Tech Thursday Morning Notes - Getting A Lot of Hype Edition

Texas Tech Football:

Fox34 takes a look back at the UTEP v. Texas Tech game of 2007.

Texas Tech Basketball:

The Dagger catches on to ESPN's Tim Griffin's article on Pat Knight and asks if it was refreshing for Knight to admit his faults and also asks what type of coach he will be.

So long as PK can bridge the talent gap, he'll be fine. I don't think he's over his head in terms of being able to coach a team, there will be mistakes, but every coach makes mistakes.

Texas Tech Baseball:

The MLB Draft is today and LAJ's George Watson talks about some of the players who are looking to be drafted. Roger Kieschnick and Zach Stewart have the best opportunity of being drafted, while Watson goes to soon-to-be-head-coach Dan Spencer on their prospects:

"I’d have a hard time (seeing the players return to school) since they’re all healthy and did the deal this year," head coach designate Dan Spencer said. "I would really have a hard time with (Kieschnick and Stewart). I don’t see how Zach and Kiesch could slip far enough to a place where they would consider it. But stranger things have happened. They’re both getting a lot of hype.

"And we’ve already spent those two guys’ (scholarship) money for next year."

Does anyone else find that somewhat funny?  Kieschnick and Stewart can come back, but there's not a scholarship waiting on them, but that's okay, both Kieschnick and Stewart are expected to go in the first round.  They'll be fine.  In fact, the College Baseball Blog ranks the top 50 college draft prospects and two Texas Tech players check in, right handed pitcher Zach Stewart is #24 and Roger Kieschnick is #26.

Let's throw out some good mojo for these guys today.