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Texas Tech Wednesday Morning Notes - I'm Fortunate Edition

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Double-T Nation News:

Just wanted to give a quick hat-tip to DTN user raiderintherough for the Coach's Hot Seat link from yesterday.

Texas Tech Football:

Phil Steele released his 2008 Big 12 All Conference teams and a number of Red Raiders were represented. Let's run them down:

  • 1st Team Offense: Michael Crabtree (receiver), Louis Vasquez (guard) and Rylan Reed (tackle). I've clamoring that Vasquez is one of the best offensive linemen in the country, but there is no doubt after watching what Reed did against Chris Long last year in the Gator Bowl, that Reed is just as good as Vasquez, if not better.
  • 2nd Team Offense: Graham Harrell (quarterback). I have no problem with Harrell in this spot. Daniel has earned the first spot.
  • 3rd Team Offense: Edward Britton (receiver) and Brandon Carter (guard). It's interesting to think that Britton could have the break-out year and as far as I'm concerned, he has the athletic ability to make this happen, now it's just a matter of making catches. Good to see Carter get some mention as one of the better linemen in the country. A mountain of a man, Carter is as solid a guard as you'll find anywhere.
  • 4th Team Offense: None.
  • 1st Team Defense: Jamar Wall (cornerback). I tend to take Wall for granted, but I think Wall is supremely talented.
  • 2nd Team Defense: None.
  • 3rd Team Defense: Jake Ratliff (defensive end) and Brian Duncan (linebacker). Duncan, I get. He put up pretty good numbers for a redshirt freshman linebacker and I thought he played pretty well. Jake Ratliff, I don't get at all, and that not intended to disparage Ratliff, but if any defensive end deserves to be on this list, it's Brandon Williams. Comparing statistics, Ratliff had 25 tackles, 2.0 tackles for a loss and 1.0 sack, while Brandon Williams had 41 tackles, 11.5 tackles for a loss and 5.0 sacks. Perhaps this was a misprint.
  • 4th Team Defense: None.

Do you feel like anyone else from Texas Tech got snubbed? Personally, I can live with a lot of this list, except for the B. Williams omission. As an aside, I couldn't help but wonder why Mizzou's Jeremy Maclin not the first team return guy, but after looking at the numbers, KSU's Murphy was unbelievable last year, with a 17.5 punt return average while Maclin averaged 12.3. Additionally, KU's Herford was 4 yards better than Maclin on kickoff returns, and did you know . . . Ed Britton finished 5th last year in kickoff returns.


At this point, I think Sporting News' Matt Hays is just trying to call people offsides as he ranks the BCS-Conference players, position by position. I'm considering throwing in the towel on things like this. I'll point them out, but this is just a little much. It's just one guy's opinion.

Texas Tech Basketball:

Excellent article from ESPN's Tim Griffin on Pat Knight as he begins to take the reins at Texas Tech as the men's head basketball coach. I appreciate how Knight acknowledges how lucky he is to have the job at Texas Tech:

"I'm fortunate enough to get this job, and I'm not stupid," Knight said. "I don't know if I deserved to be a Big 12 coach right now. Probably not, but I was offered a situation, so I felt like I had to take it.

"I had an opportunity to leave over the last three years, but I really liked living in Lubbock, the university and the people. Because of that, why should I turn down a chance at this job because of what somebody might say or write? Maybe I haven't earned it, but I thought I had to take it because they were offering it to me."

Almost every time I listen or read what PK is saying, I can't help but think that he knows how lucky he is to be in the position he's in and cannot afford to rest on the laurels of his father.

I also appreciated Griffin's mention about the struggles that Texas Tech has had in recruiting top talent to Texas Tech, recognizing that the only problem that Texas Tech currently has, is a talent problem (more on that later in the week) and I get the impression that PK is dead-set on remedying that problem.

Go read the whole thing. An excellent article.