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Texas Tech Monday Morning Notes - The Right Stuff Edition

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 Double-T Nation News:

We're getting back to preseason previews this week with SMU, probably tomorrow, personal life is getting in the way of blogging life.  Boo Seth C.

Thanks for participating in the Community Projections for the Big 12 Preseason All-Conference Team, and this is the team that I'm going to submit. I had a couple of decisions that had to be made between the ballots, but tried to go with a consensus.

QB:  Graham Harrell
RB:  Baron Batch and Shannon Woods
WR:  Michael Crabtree and Detron Lewis
TE:  Eric Morris
OL:  Louis Vasquez, Ryland Reed and Brandon Carter
DL:  Brandon Williams, Colby Whitlock and McKinner Dixon
LB:  Brian Duncan and Sam Fehoko
DB:  Jamar Wall, Darcel McBath and Daniel Charbonnet
K:  Donnie Carona
P:  Jonathan LaCour

Texas Football:

Fox34 is back with their Fact or Fiction, and this time Robert Giovannetti and Chris Level ask if Texas Tech is worthy of a preseason top 10 ranking and I think that Level is right on one point, who cares what the preseason rank is, the higher the better, especially in today's BCS. Personally, I worry about having to justify those rankings, especially in the blogging community, and after reading SMQ's assessment I am beginning to wonder if the defense has really turned the corner in the last part of the season or if the defense will make a huge difference this season.

Per Fox34, former Red Raider Wes Welker is hosting a camp for underprivileged children in Oklahoma City. Good on Welker. It's nice to see Welker contribute so much to charity, especially when it's New Kids on the Block:

Larryoke 2008 - The Right Stuff (via AStack75)


Time of his life.