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RIP-Polk Robison

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Texas Tech Basketball:

I can honestly say that I don't know much about former head coach Polk Robison, who passed away at the age of 96 in Lubbock Friday morning. Here's LAJ's Adam Zuvanich on Robison:

He lifted the Red Raiders to new heights during his 18 years on the sideline, leading the team to its first Southwest Conference championship (1960-61) and its first appearance in the NCAA Tournament (1953-54). Robison also boasted a .560 winning percentage, and his 248 career victories rank second in program history behind current athletic director Gerald Myers.

But for those who had the privilege of playing for Robison, who died early Friday morning at his home in Lubbock at age 96, he was much more than a successful basketball coach.

He was a leader, a mentor, a friend and a molder of men.

Again, go read the entire article.

You have the official press release, which is a story from 2005 on Robison and Robison's Hall of Honor designation. Fox34 has an excellent segment on Robison, take the time to watch this.