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Community Projections: Jamar Wall

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We're back with DTN's Community Projections and we go to the defense.

Up Next: Jamar Wall -- cornerback -- Sr. -- 5-10/195

The Facts: Last year Wall was 6th on the team in tackles, finishing with 50 for the year, 5 interceptions and 5 pass break-ups. The 5 interceptions was good to be tied for 4th in the conference along with Aqib Talib (KU), Justin Thorton (KU), and Jacob Lacey (OSU).

What I Think: Wall is a wonderful cover corner and I tend to think he gets a little over-looked in conference. His statistics aren't overwhelming, but for those of us who paid attention, Wall has an ability to really stick with his receiver, and seemed like he was excellent in coverage last year. I had a tough time, personally, figuring out what type of season Wall would have. Would he have similar stats as he did last year, simply because opposing offenses might avoid his side of the field? Will he increase his stats because he's got another year under his belt? I'd certainly like to see the 5 pass break-ups quite a bit higher (Talib had 18 last year) and at the very least maintain, or slighly increase the interceptions.