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Texas Tech Friday Morning Notes - Wasn't An Overnight Thing

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Double-T Nation News:

I'm going to leave the Community Projections for the Big 12 Preseason All-Conference Team open one more day since I couldn't get to a computer until this morning and answer some questions about how it is supposed to work, but ayleein, liquidsmoke, and TTpilk645 all have the right idea. Cast your ballot.

Texas Tech Football:

I've been meaning to post this right after it was posted, but make sure and check out ayleein's preview of Nevada. DTN will get back to previews next week.

So we have more on Abilene Cooper's safety Will Ford changing his commitment from OU to Texas Tech. From the LAJ's Don Williams, Ford had this to say:

"Probably about a month ago, I committed to Oklahoma," Ford said. "Then I was thinking that Tech is a better place for me to go. It's closer and I've liked Tech since I was little, so I decided to change."

Ford thinks that speed is his biggest asset:

Ford said he's been timed at his high school in 4.38 seconds for the 40-yard sprint and believes that's his best asset.

"Speed kills," he said, "so that's what I usually use in a football game."

Williams notes that Texas Tech has a number of Cooper football players on their roster (Taylor Potts, Lyle Leong and former running back Kobey Lewis):

Tech's current roster is dotted with players from Abilene, including quarterback Taylor Potts, wide receiver Lyle Leong and running back Kobey Lewis, the latter suspended for this season. Ford said the number of players on the team from his hometown is a consideration.

"I've been knowing some of them for a while," Ford said. "Like Lyle Leong, I went to church with him. He told me a little bit about coming to Tech, how I would like it and stuff. That kind of helped me make my decision where I wanted to go."

The Abilene Reporter-News' Evan Ren also talks with Ford's high school coach about Ford's decision to switch:

"This is the one selfish decision that I tell kids they need to make," Spradlin said. "We always ask players to be 'team guys' and do things for everyone else. But where a kid chooses to go play college football is a personal thing that he must decide.

"I'm in full support of his decision and I think this is where he wants to be."


"This wasn't an overnight thing," Spradlin said. "We talked about it for about two or three weeks and I let him know that if this was (his decision), it needed to be the final one.

"He didn't need to be making another decision down the road and he understands the ramifications of something like that. So I don't think there is any question he's done."'s Mark Sparrow has the inaugural edition of The Weekly Gridiron (which is free this time) and discusses the Ford switch as well as the fact that Karam was offered by OU and 4-star offensive lineman Joey Gray trying to make a decision between Texas Tech, Stanford, Louisville, and UCLA:

"Me being a Texas boy and most of the guys there being Texas boys also, I felt like we related really well and felt very comfortable there," said Gray. "I had plenty of time to talk with the coaches. Coach Moore, Coach Litrell, Coach Riley, Coach Leach, and Coach McNeill- I’m really cool with all of those guys and was able to talk to them a lot."

Most recruits who visit a school want to tour the campus, talk about their playing time, etc…, but Gray just really wanted to get to know the coaches and players on a more personal level.

"I got what I wanted accomplished during my visit to Tech, which was to hang out with the players and the coaches and get a feel for the school."

I got way behind on these, KAMC28's completed their series on of Leach Rants -- #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6.