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Community Projections: Big 12 Preseason All-Conference Team

The guys from the Colorado blog, The Ralphie Report emailed while I was on vactaion about selecting a Big 12 Preseason All-Conference Team and here's how they suggested making the picks:

From each of your respective rosters on the following tabs, highlight the following number of players at each position whom you wish to nominate for the Big 12 team- (1) qb (2) rb (2) wr (1) te (3) ol (3) dl (2) lb (3) db (1) k (1) p

I've been incredibly busy catching up with work and other things around the house so I thought I might open this up to you guys. Depending on the number of ballots I get, I'll do my best to compile the results and submit it to The Ralphie Report as a community project from Double-T Nation.

For an example of how this is done, check out TB's ballot at Bring On The Cats. Quite simply, you nominate 1 quarterback, 2 running backs, 2 receivers, etc., from Texas Tech's roster.  Feel free to provide commentary or just a straight ballot.   I'll let you make something up for the tight end position.