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Texas Tech Wednesday Morning Notes - The Aftermath Edition

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Double-T Nation News:

Thanks to emailer Aaron for correcting me on Texas Tech's new recruit, it's E.J. Celestie, not Ernest Celestine so I guess needs to make the correction.

Last night there was quite a bit of discussion about the rap song that Marlon Williams wrote about Michael Crabtree, in a not so nice fashion on his Myspace page. The song has now been removed, although Williams does address the issue on a blog post last night.

So here's my question, do I have an obligation not to put up this sort of stuff on DTN? Do I need to "protect" the program? The way I figure, Williams intended this to be public and if he didn't want the attention that a song with that type of tone has then he wouldn't have posted it to his very public Myspace page. There was intent there, even if the situation has been resolved, I don't think Williams left the song up by mistake (he admits as much in the blog post).

Personally, I find it funny and reminiscent of the scene in the movie Swingers where Sue gets brushed by some guys going into the club, there's some yelling and then Sue busts out a gun. Sue claims that he's from the some place really tough (I can't remember where, but much tougher than Pflugerville and Cedar Hill), but he's really from some place not very tough at all. At the end of the day, Sue and the guys make up and play video games together.  Water under the bridge and neither group is as tough as they think they are.

Perhaps there was a misunderstanding, this is something that happens all of the time in all walks of life, and Williams and Crabtree have figured out their differences, but if Williams didn't want it to be public then it shouldn't have been public. It really doesn't matter if someone really liked the song or people were demanding that he put it back online, you would think that for the good of the team he would have taken it down.  In today's world, someone was going to find it and this was going to happen at some point.  Williams was going to have to explain why it's still up at some point.

I've always maintained privately that DTN should be open to anyone to post just about anything, so long as it's not racist, hateful, etc., and I'd prefer not to censor people. DTN is supposed to be a place where you can speak your mind, so long as you aren't mean to each other or some of those other things.

So what do you think? What would you have done?

So last night I spent too much time watching Wipeout and reading the report on cheating in college football (parts I, II, III and IV - hat-tip Eagle In Atlanta).

Texas Tech Football:

ESPN's Mark Schlabach has a way too early look at the 2008-2009 Bowl Projections, with Texas Tech checking in the Allstate Sugar Bowl against Auburn along with a more detailed conference-by-conference breakdown.

Fox34 takes a look back at the Northwestern State game.

Texas Tech Baseball:

Fox34 talks with Dan Spencer on Miles Morgan (who I had completely forgotten about), who is rehabbing from arm surgery and could be an important part of next year's team.