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Texas Tech Tuesday Morning Notes - Unitas List Edition

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Texas Tech Football:

So Texas Tech has another commitment Ernest Celestine - Scout and Rivals (although RRS has Earnest's name as "E.J. Celestie" - there's no "n" at the end and I'm going to go with the RP version). Either way, welcome aboard E.J. According to his Rivals profile, he had an interesting list of college choices, including LSU, Florida, Southern Miss, Tulane and McNeese State. Also, his receiving numbers aren't anything spectacular, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything, his success depends on his quarterback.

Graham Harrell was named to the list of seniors for the 2008 Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award. Congrats Graham!

KAMC28's captain Leach Rants #7 and #8. The #7 rant brings up some really bad memories.

SN's Matt Hays is promoting SN's college football yearbook with offense and coaching superlatives and a certain Mr. Crabtree is "Best WR adjusting with the ball in the air".

Texas Tech Baseball:

Fox34 talks with new Texas Tech head coach Dan Spencer.