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Texas Tech Monday Morning Notes - Slowly Getting Back In The Groove Edition

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Double-T Nation News:

Okay, I've spent a day sleeping (Saturday) and a day working outside (Sunday). Now I need to spend a couple of nights catching up with DTN and that's probably going to happen this week.   Be patient. I'm also working on a couple of items that are going to take time, but we've got at least 2 months to spin our wheels and pray that no more players get arrested, arraigned, convicted or kicked off the team.  I'm serious . . . say your prayers every night.

In fact, I haven't even had time to pick up a Dave Campbell's Texas Football or Phil Steele's magazine. Just haven't had time. In any event, we'll get back on track sooner rather than later. The season can't come soon enough.

Texas Tech Football:

Holy crap. I just finished up reading the BON post, courtesy of billyzane, Let's Talk About: Texas Tech and I wanted to get out a couple of things, however, I should note that Skin Patrol and kayakyakr went to town on that post. Nice work.

  1. That photo of #51 makes me laugh every time I see it.
  2. There was a perception that in previous years, under Setencich, that there was NO hitting during the year and very little hitting during practices. Things changed once McNeill took charge. They changed immediately.
  3. Setencich had said that Leach doesn't care about defense, but I think that a more accurate statement would be that Leach wanted someone else to be as passionate about the defense as he was about the offense. Setencich is not a passionate man, but Ruffin McNeill is. McNeill demanded certain things change in the program when he was named as the DC and sure enough they did.
  4. Once McNeill was in charge, hitting in practice (I know, this sounds absolutely insane) became a daily occurrence. It should come as no surprise to the those who follow the program closely that the defense absolutely dominated the spring game. The Texas Tech defense reminded me of the Missouri defense last year. Swarming. Hitting. Breaking up passes. No huge plays by the offense. Getting to the quarterback.
  5. Slowly but surely, Texas Tech is recruiting better athletes on defense. I don't think Leach will ever sacrifice the offense completely, but as a quick example, Brandon Reid was recruited as a running back first and foremost, and by all accounts is a pretty talented runner. However, I think Leach and McNeill both think that he will play linebacker. Leach and McNeill know that his value on defense will be greater than on offense. Couple that with some JUCO All-American's at defensive end. A defensive tackle transfer from Miami.
  6. I think that Leach has found someone who can just take the defense and run with it. I get the feeling that this is what Leach always wanted and there's plenty of fault for Leach not letting Setencich go sooner, but the fact is that Leach wanted someone who would be in charge of recruiting, scheme, motivation, etc. McNeill is his man.

Columbia Tribune's Dave Matter is delving into the Big 12's best receivers this week and on top of the list is Mr. Crabtree:

1. Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech: (134/1,962/22) Slice Crabtree’s 2007 numbers in half and he still would have led five Big 12 teams in receptions, seven in receiving yards and nine in touchdown catches. Crabtree’s touchdown total was greater than 72 teams had last season.

And an underrated Eric Morris:

9. Eric Morris, WR, Texas Tech: (75/767/9) Only in Lubbock does the offense’s third option put up numbers like the 5-foot-8 Morris did last season. There might be more talented players behind him on this list, but you can’t knock Morris’ production.

Matter also mentions that Missouri's Maclin and Coffman were at the Playboy All-American photo-shoot, which means that Mr. Crabtree was also there. What are the odds that those of us who are married or taken will be able to successfully use the excuse that Mr. Crabtree is in the September issue in order to pick up a copy?

In an attempt to find more things to waste your time, I stumbled upon KAMC28's video highlights and learned a couple of things. Taurean Henderson has a warrant out for his arrest for aggravated robbery. Incredibly sad if this is true.

KAMC28 is also running the Top 10 Leach Rants and they've already done #9 and #10.

Fox34 does Fact or Fiction in the Battle for Center between Shawn Byrnes and Stephen Hamby. Having not watched the spring practices I don't know if I can really give an opinion worth anything, other than I thought both buys played relatively well last year.

Texas Tech Track:

The accolades keep coming for the ladies track program as per Fox 34shot putter Patience Knight will receive the Honda Inspiration Award today. Congrats Patience!