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Texas Tech Saturday Morning Notes - Back From Vacation Edition

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Double-T Nation News:

I'm back, but just barely. The wife and I drove from Gatinburg, Tennessee yesterday (it only took 14 hours). I'm glad to be back and am now anxiously awaiting football season.

First and foremost, a big thank you goes out to all of you guys for posting FanPosts and FanShots while I was away. I actually had very little access to no access to the internet, which I think was a good thing because it forced me to actually pay attention to my wife and it also forced me to completely divorce myself from my real life job for an entire week. It was a good break.

If something has been posted before, I apologize in advance. I'm still catching up on news, so be gentle.

Texas Tech Football:

DTN's Texas Techsan noted DMN's blogger extraordinaire Tim MacMahon post about the fighting between fans of TAMU and Texas Tech, originally prompted by an article by DMN's Chip Brown who thinks that Texas Tech is the team to beat this year. The focus of the article goes from the preseason love the Red Raiders are garnering as well as how pleased Captain Leach is with the progress of the defense, and I thought this exchange was interesting:

"Very violent. Very intense. Helmets flying. Some fights. All the reasons you have football," Leach said. "Shortly into the thing, I wondered if a hockey match would break out. It didn't. But the defense dominated the thing. Lot of collisions. You didn't have to be there to see it, because you could hear it."

This Leach is nothing like the one former Tech defensive coordinator Lyle Setencich described before last season.

Setencich, who gave Leach a job as an assistant in 1987 at Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo, was quoted in the Omaha World Herald saying, "They don't care about defense down here. We're just here to practice against the offense."

Leach let Setencich go after a crushing 49-45 loss at Oklahoma State in September in which the Red Raiders gave up 610 yards.

Leach has chosen not to comment on Setencich's quote, but it's clear Leach more than cares about defense. Under Ruffin McNeill, who replaced Setencich, Tech turned things around over the last eight games.

The whole article is well worth your time.

ESPN's Mark Schlabach takes a look at 4 faces to watch in 2008, including Texas Tech's very own Mr. Crabtree:

Last season, Crabtree had the greatest season by a freshman receiver in college football history.

The Dallas native set school, Big 12 conference and NCAA freshman records by catching 134 passes for 1,962 yards and 22 touchdowns. He became the first freshman to win the Biletnikoff Award as college football's top receiver, and became Texas Tech's first unanimous All-American since Zach Thomas in 1995.

And last but certainly not least, for those of you who subscribe to, this is nothing new, but for those who don't, RRS's Joe Yeager answers some pretty interesting questions about this year's Red Raider squad, including this interesting bit about players who "underachieved" during the spring:

Among those players is Rashad Hawk (sorry Rolf) who sometimes seemed a little short on effort and concentration; Julius Howard, who made fewer plays this spring than last; Blake Collier, who just doesn’t look like a major factor right now; Lyle Leong, who disappeared a bit when Taylor Potts was not under center; Taylor Potts, whose problems with short-range accuracy and interceptions have been documented extensively, and Pete Richardson who had a very quiet spring and seems to have fallen farther behind the other cornerback candidates opposite Jamar Wall. The same could possibly be said for Marcus Bunton.

Very interesting about all of those guys. Take note.